Objectives, Objectives and General Law

The goal is relatively easy. The goal of success, however, is another matter and we often fight to achieve our goals because we do not work in accordance with international law.

We are taught that we should set goals in accordance with the SMART principle; The goal should be:

~ Specific,

~ Measurable

~ Achievable,

~ Raunsæ and

And taking into account the objectives of "timing", Napoleon Hill said:

"The goal is a dream with a deadline."

Here it's easy to understand why people get frustrated when they can not show their goals within the time they originally set their goals.

However, the survey states that all seeds have a pregnancy or breeding period before appearing in form. This also applies to your goal. The difficulty is that, although we know the contraception for many physical seeds, we do not know temporary pregnancy.

Take an example of building a big, extreme stadium. Such a project would usually have a target date. However, at some point in the construction, builders will chop a trap – something that will negatively affect the building plan. They may even need to solve problems that they not only expect but had not experienced before.

Do you think builders will just leave the project? No. Instead, they work around the clock to find a solution. Then they can change the rest of their plan or even the design of the platform in order to bring the project back to the target and within the budget.

But many people, when their goal is not at the outset, believe their goals are unacceptable. And if they do not believe in believing they can achieve that goal, they give up their goals.

Bob Proctor advises that sometimes you do not give up your goals.

As William James said:

"Never change the goal-change time-change the plan, but keep that goal."
Bob Proctor

As William James said:

"Believe and your faith will create that fact."

You see, goals can be compared with the growth of bamboo. Bamboo spends years of growing underground before it breaks the surface. things that may come together to create your goals – things you can not see. If you leave your goal at this point, you'll never know what could be.

The goal is to work on legal methods and as you learn how you can implement the universal laws of your life, you will achieve your goals with much more consistency and greater speed.

The movie "The Secret" drew attention to one international law – the law of attraction. And many have found an understanding of how these laws act as a challenge. It's wise to take time to study the rules of the world and apply them consciously to your life. Just as the law of gravity is constantly running, but for the most part you do not think so, so are the Universal songs.

So at any time in your life you can achieve your goals or move from your goals. When you understand the law, you will understand that you can move towards your goal, even if there is no physical indication of the fact. Knowing and accepting this will help you develop to achieve your goals.


"Faith is believing what you do not see yet, the reward for this belief is to see what you believe."
St. Augustine


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