One positive confirmation – Theme for the day

Starting the day in a positive direction is the best way to kick off a good day. Take positive confirmation as a theme for the day is something that everyone wants to make positive changes in their lives should try.

But there are so many confirmations out there where there are problems, where do you start? Start with a positive confirmation that addresses issues that really affect you now. If you could solve one thing that you think would change your entire life for the better, what would this matter be?

For many, the game is changing the issue of money. Many other people would put health problems at the top of the list. For others, they would deal with their weight or identity. Find one of your main topics.

If you are going to use one positive confirmation as your theme for the day, you should do it short and good. Repeat it as often as you can. Before you leave the bed in the morning, repeat your confirmation and let it sink.

Repeat your positive confirmation when you go to workplace. If you pause a workplace, repeat it. If you find yourself being frustrated by something or falling down, repeat your confirmation.

Use your positive confirmation as a mental break – inner friend – for your day. The more you repeat your confirmation, the more you will be safe in it. As your confidence builds, it's going to be a great thing – you start to expect a positive change around the subject.

Positive anticipation fits the wheels in the universe. Things will start to set you up and before you know it, you'll have achieved your goal. So the question is now, what positive confirmation can you use now to start increasing the wheels for a positive change in your life?


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