Positive confirmation

Never used 'em. Not likely to start now.

Okay, so I just see a little bit. (Is it something like being a little pregnant?) I do not mean it. (Hmmm, this comment might mean the pregnant things too, but I tried to refer to my lies.)

I think the only positive confirmation that I use in general is not so much a phrase that I repeat or think of regularly throughout the day – It's more like an answer to a question. The question? "How are you doing?"

My answer probably will be "Super! And you?" Once in a while, it can go to "Really good!" and sometimes it will pop up on "great!" but most of the time I go through the day at a "super" level. I mean that? Well, of course, I'll do that. I would not lie about something like that. And no, I was not always "great" – but many years ago I began to say that anyway because I had heard that if you start thinking more positively, your life will be better. So I tried it and it worked well. When I realized that I had to do something to make some changes in my life so that it was "great" – it became great. I'm still doing things and making changes so I can become "double super". I think it probably resembles somewhere near "super".

I assume that when you get it right, I use positive confirmation – along with positive actions to do what I want to do. But that's it. That's the only positive confirmation I'm using!

Okay, except maybe another exception I just thought about. When I leave the bed in the morning and have my first coffee mug, I think of what a wonderful day it is (yes no matter what the weather is or what I have to do that day) and how good it is to be alive and stay able to experience just living. I think about it for a while and then I chat with my spiritual director and say "thanks" for allowing me to be me and allowing me to have the opportunity to learn and enjoy this great creation. Then I usually have another cup of coffee and think about this a bit more as I make plans to do what I think I should do during the day. But that's it. It's the only one confirmation I use!

Well, maybe the times I experience something very neat during the day. Like meeting someone new – or just getting to know old friends a little better. Or as seeing situations evolve and realize that the likelihood of happening just a coincidence would be totally astronomical. Or like noticing the strange little plant that appeared right outside the flower beach, it has a very cool blazer. Or like the morning dew on my bare feet as I cross the front of the lawn. Or – you get the idea. But since I'm "getting up" here I know I have great positive thoughts at this time and I assume you could say that this was a positive confirmation. But that's it. These are just other confirmations I use!

Well maybe except when I'm ready for bed and I take a few minutes to think back on my day and all the very good things I've seen and experienced and I only take one minute to thank my master teacher for giving me opportunity to enjoy another day. I suppose you might consider it a positive confirmation.

But that's it. It's the only one confirmation I use! I just do not believe in & # 39; em …


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