Positive Confirmation – Create your own in four simple steps

Even for the movie, "The Secret" came out, people used confirmation. Chanting and positive prayer are forms of confirmation that have been for centuries. The positive effect of repetitive confirmation can occur immediately and go long ways to create the life you want. Here are four simple steps you can take to create your own verification list.

Step One . What area or area of ​​your life do you want to improve? Get a sheet of paper and write these headlines over the top: finance, relationships, physical and mental. Under these headings write down the problems you have, your goals and any wishes related to these categories.

Step Two. Now, move yourself spiritually to the extent of the future as you have solved all these problems and obtained or achieved everything you want. What statements would you do now? Look at each item in your list from step one and create a positive, current statement. Act as you have already completed and write statements from that point of view.

Step three. Transfer all these new statements to a new magazine and give you scope to make changes. These statements will be your confirmation. Review each confirmation and make sure all words are positive. For example, if you wrote down that you lost 25 pounds, review it to say, "I kept a healthy weight of 150 pounds." Also add or change some words to make confirmation feel very good when you repeat it yourself. If it's better to say, "I hold my weight and support myself with healthy decisions," change your confirmation. It's not about pounding goals in your head, it's all about feeling good.

Step four. When you feel very welcome about your final confirmation, it's time to start using them! Write the ones that grab your attention on a sticker and put them on your mirror. Enter a series of confirmations on your computer's screen saver so they pop up and make you smile. Save them as a voice tag. Sign yourself and tell them and play it when you go for a walk or a walk. Repeat when you run. Send yourself a letter with those who are registered and comment on encouragement. An important part is to practice repetitive repetitions often and let them sink and make you feel very comfortable.


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