Positive confirmation – daily positive workout

Positive thinking is a powerful exercise in life that you can use daily to prevent stunning changes in your life. I'm not talking about any spiritual aspect, it's all to do with the mind and how it's connected.

I love people's ideas like Joe Vitale, but I always see it from a scientific point of view. In other words, thinking is positive as well as preserving subconsciousness in the same way as programmers write software for computers to work in a certain way.

By using positive confirmation and response, you are writing your own program to subconsciously reprogram your computer to work properly.

So how do you write this program?

The answer is simple, repetition.

You repeat certain words that are positive to you like "I'm so happy today".

With my experience, I have found that confirmation is very useful, but if your current situation is stressful and difficult, think positive and feel that life is great can be almost impossible to achieve.

I recently met a man named Noah St John and his work. It's like confirmation but with a powerful spin.

With confirmation you do not say "I'm wealthy and happy" because your subconscious has a real battle with this in your life right now.

Noone found that if you change the word "Why am I so wealthy and happy?", Your subconscious mind will start working on that question and find solutions to it.

This is where I part of Joe Vitale form "The Universe Will Provide".

I think this programming helps your mind evaluate the question and get tips, nudges and enlightenment based on your experience or ideas.

I have taken the power of Noah's teachings and made many positive changes in my life that I would not have thought possible.

So how do you use this confirmation daily? I've found the best way to pick up some of your own questions for some background music. For information on how to create strong scripts, go to [http://noah.thinkspositive.com]

Play them on your MP3 player during the day as often as you can. Keep a journal with you and if an idea comes to you, write it down. Be aware of dreams that you may have asleep and if you wake up quickly, what happened.

By repeating this daily you will see some amazing changes in your life. Please do not just read this and think it sounds great, go now and do something to accomplish your dreams. Download your aformation, listen to it daily and not surrender.


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