Positive confirmation for runners

Do you ever have days when the race is difficult? Those days when you just do not know if you can put one foot in front of another – let alone make it up to the big hill you know is coming up. Or did you start to feel good-turn back to go home and feel like you've landed in the marathon wall?

Every runner has had those days. The key is to get through it and complete the race. Believe it or not – sometimes running is more mental than physical.

So, how do you get a little extra incentive to get through your race? Try positive confirmations for runners! Verifications are defined as something declared to be true; positive statement or judgment. Verifications are powerful if you are breaking your mind positive statements. I have a solid faith in all aspects of my life. In my personal life – my business life – and running my life.

Positive motivational confirmation can help you get rid of the negative self-esteem that can happen in a difficult time. You know the negative self-esteem: "I'll never get it up the hill", "I can not run anymore", etc. More positive self-esteem will help your self-esteem – and so will you.

Think of one line statement that can be said to yourself again and again when you need it a little extra push. Two of my favorites are: "I'm a strong and healthy runner" and "I run all distances with ease".

Here are some examples of some great confirmation:

1. My body is an optimized machine.
2. I drive through the pain directly to the profits.
3. A big runner lives in me.
4. I'm full of energy.
5. I love running downhill.
6. I always finish well.
7. I kept up fast speed.

Saying something positive to you over and over will help you get through that rough spot or on the big hill. You know – like a small machine that might – but instead of "I think I can" – say "I know I can"!

Keeping and maintaining a positive attitude is healthy and is necessary for all areas of your life. Part of this is a positive self-assessment. Get up in the morning and tell yourself that you are a strong runner and you will be great!


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