Positive Confirmation – How can I encourage Turbo to improve my positive confirmation so I have no fear?

You are about to run into challenging times when you are looking for your goals. The Old Murphy Law, if something can go wrong, it will usually kick in when you're very close to achieving your goals, the obstacles lead you to endure, tired and relieved.

Positive affirmations, sometimes called positive self-esteem, are useful statements that give you motivation, increase your self-esteem and re-program your subconscious so that you can get back in the right direction to achieve your goals. I thought they were timeless because it does not matter how often I said "Do It Now" I continued to put it off. After research, I realized that there are some guidelines that you need to follow for your confirmation to be successful.

Michael Mahoney, a psychologist from Pennsylvania State University, learned a group of players hoping to join the United States. He asked the gymnast to talk about his thoughts during the competition. He concluded that, in other words, the most successful ones, those who qualified for the Olympic Games, had the same doubts and concerns as unlucky, but what broke their minds was their well-behaved athletes constantly encouraging positive confirmation.

"If you think you can, or think you're not, you're all right" Henry Ford.

I'm a winner

I can do this

I can do this

I'm always brave and safe


I'm completely relaxed

Every day, I get better and better

I'm always punctual

I always finish what I'm starting

I'm strong and powerful

] ] Instructions to make your confirmation more effective:

1. Always state them in modern times.

2. Tell them in a passionate, emotional and public voice head or out loud.

3. Tell them during a very emotional state, use emotional memories to get there

4. Sign up for your positive confirmation, listen to your MP3 player while relaxing, and see the results (this programs the subconscious concept)

5. Always tell positive confirmations based on what you want, for example, if you're afraid of something, do not say "I'm not afraid" because the mind will focus on scared. Instead of saying, "I'm brave."

Have fun and notice the huge achievements you'll experience when Murphy songs try to pull you down. Shoot him in your teeth and confirm that I'm a winner not a victim. By the way there was not much positive confirmation. "I'm a winner" is better.


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