Positive confirmation – the key to your success?

Can positive confirmation really change your life and give you everything you want?

Yes they can! I want to tell you a thumbnail. Actually, that's my story! Many years ago my wife and I had nothing. We struggled to get through financially and we were both very negative to life itself. The glass was always half empty, never half full.

We muddled through life, day by day to one day, our friend landed us a copy of the book "Think and grow well". I have to admit I had not read a book since I left school. I flipped through the pages and my interest rose. I read this book from cover to cover. Then I read it again. I could not put it down.

This was a turning point in my life when I realized that I could turn my life around the way I thought and my attitude to life. I discovered the power of positive affirmation.

I became obsessed with books and tapes on myself. I practiced a positive confirmation every day. My friends and families thought I was taking a happy pill. I saw life for what it really is …… opportunity! Life is not easy to handle, you only get one shot on it, so why not give it all you have.

My attitude was rubbed on many. It is contagious and the best thing is that people became naturally positive.

My wife and I set goals. Small ones to start with. We made a list of everything we wanted and marked them once upon a time when we realized them.
Finally we moved all we ever want to do. Pay off our mortgage. We did this in four years (bearing in mind that the money was tight) and then we have grown financially and emotionally.

With positive affirmations, we are now financially sound, have two wonderful children and live in full. We do not allow anyone to get us down with their negative qualities.

The mind is a wonderful and powerful tool. You can do anything you want if you think you can. If you want something bad enough, you'll find a way to get it. Believe in yourself, practice positive confirmation every day and you will be what you think of every day.

What makes rich rich rich? They are driven by faith. They do not let them stop in their quest for success. They only practice positive behaviors every day in everything they do. If they have put back, they dust and come back up. They never give up!


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