Positive confirmation – the power of the words

You use positive confirmation to help you achieve your goals. And basically, positive confirmation is just a word, but that's how you combine these words and real words that you use to create your verifications that mean the difference between success in achieving your goals or failing.

The words you use, both spoken and false, control the literal results you get in your life. As Bill Bartmann said,

"The words we use to describe what we want to preach more often than not our own success or our own mistakes."

But All Too Many Do not Care For the words they use to describe themselves, much less than the words they use to describe what they want. In many cases, the words that people use to describe them often negative and delete their self-esteem and make it even more challenging to achieve the results they want. As Gloria Steinem said,

"Self-esteem is not all, it's just nothing without it."

They blend together by describing what they want as goals. Now, some individuals are very clear about what the goal is and what the term means them. They are also very confident about achieving the goals they set. However, there are others who have actually got a negative meaning.

To this group of individuals is something that is generally beyond their reach. It's something they crave but deep down inside, they do not expect to achieve it. So they set goals and they fulfill their prediction that they will not achieve it. In other words, self-harm makes their efforts to reach their goal. It will then be one long list of goals set but not achieved.

The next time they set the goal of the subconscious being to look at their personal history of goal setting and goal achievement, it is evident that the goal is not to achieve a greater measure of goals and then to restore the individual's sabotages to achieve this new a goal too. A pattern has been established and failure to achieve your goals will be used because the subconscious ideas change. It's not like eliminating the status quo.

Perhaps this has happened to you and if you are Not personally, you may think of someone who sometimes happens. They set goals and are very motivated for a while, but long ago the goal is abandoned. They do not even walk at a distance in their attempt to reach their goal. Or they often repent about the number of projects they start but do not finish.

If you fall into this category and you use it yourself Dar confirmation for "targets" that you're getting, then it is likely that you will be disappointed.

There are a few different ways to overcome this problem. Bill Bartmann suggests that instead of setting goals you make promises. Now, certainly, some people are just as bad at keeping their promises but in general, when someone makes a promise it's a serious commitment. For some individuals, the promise is almost sacred. They would rather die but promise promise.

If you fall into this category you will know it when you promise to:

1. You do not make it easy and

2. You do everything in your power to fulfill your promise.

Therefore, you know and those who are close to you know that even if you do not fulfill your promise that you had done all that you could fulfill your promise and that nothing more could really be expected of you. However, because you pull out when you make a promise, you move to fulfill your promise is high.

When your subconscious learns that you have made a new promise. It sends out the red alarm. And it starts working out, working with you rather than against you, to help you reach your goal and publish your promise or positive confirmation.


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