Positive Confirmation – Use your self-chat to create what you want

Confirmations are simply statements we make for ourselves; It is our self-esteem. You are using confirmation all the time, whether you intentionally or unintentionally. If you make a mistake and think of yourself, "I always make mistakes, I never do anything right", you just made a negative confirmation. If you make a mistake instead and you think yourself, "It's OK, I have the ability to correct it", you've just made a positive confirmation.

Your self-assessment has an overwhelming effect on your conscious and subconscious mind. By repeating positive confirmation, you can reprogram your thinking ideas. Creating a New Thought Pattern allows you to start changing religious beliefs and how you feel and feel about yourself, others, and your place in the world. This way you can significantly improve your life by using daily positive confirmation.

Select Your Confirmation

Creator Creative Creator Shakti Gawain offers the following tips for selecting your confirmation:

o Always translate your confirmation to modern times, as it already exists. Say: "I like to have my ideal weight" instead of saying "I'll achieve my ideal."

o Confirm what you want, not what you do not want. Instead of saying "I'm no longer a procrastinator," say: "I always get what happens on time."

o Do not just go through your ratification with rote; add positive emotions and feelings to your confirmation.

o Select confirmations that seem right for you. If you get the confirmation you want, but you would like to change a few words, please read immediately.

Use three different assumptions

Technology that you can apply to make your confirmation more effective is to write down the same verification using different first names. For example, if you want to confirm that you are surrounded by positive people who want to be best for you, you can write down the following three confirmations (in this example, your name is Joan):

o I am surrounded by positive people who want to get the best for me.

o Joan, you are surrounded by positive people who want to be best for you.

o Joan is surrounded by positive people who want to be best for her.

When you say confirmation from others and third parties, it's as if someone else is talking to you or about you. Your internal reviewer is less likely to prevent negative comments if it believes someone else is making these positive affirmations about you.

Verifications can be general or specific

Verifications can be general or they can be very specific. Some examples of general confirmation are as follows:

o Amnesty is all around me.

o Amount is my birthright right.

o It's more than enough for everyone.

Use the general confirmation to "adjust the field". Once you have set clear and well-defined goals for you, you can make certain confirmations to help you focus on your goals and strengthen your faith in your ability to achieve your goals. For example, if your goal is to lose 10 pounds in the next three months by exercising, your confirmation could be as follows:

o I'm jogging for 40 minutes, 4 times a week.

o Jogging helps me lose weight and make me healthy and fit.

o I am now lifting weight 3 times a week.

o I'm bothered to go to the gym and lift the weights.

o I get great consequences of running and gravity, and it shows.

o Every day I get an assistant.

o I now weigh X amounts of pounds (your target weight).

o People say how much thinner I am and how well I look.

You must be able to believe your recommendation

When you choose to change everything in your life, choose to exit the current comfort zone. We should always strive to grow and expand our definition of ourselves and what we can do. However, you must make sure that your confirmation is not as far from where you are now and there is no way you can believe what you confirm.

If you do not believe confirmations you say to yourself, you'll need to start with less ambitious confirmation and gradually make your confirmation bigger and bigger. For example, if you make $ 3,000.00 a month, it may be hard for you to believe "I am currently making $ 50,000.00 a month". However, you may probably believe the following confirmation: "I am currently making $ 4,500.00 or more, month." As you move on and start seeing results, you can gradually increase this number until you're happy to confirm that you make more than half a million dollars a year.

Repeat Your Reports Frequently

Repeated power is high. Positive confirmation is not something you do once in a while, but you should uncover your beliefs that you choose as often as possible. In words of Robert Collier: "Continuous repetition is with conviction."

Write down your confirmation and add them as you can often use them (you can even eat them in your wallet). You can tell them aloud every morning when you wake up and in the evenings before going to sleep, or you can set aside a few minutes each day to write them on a sheet several times to reinforce the message in your mind.

Having a confirmation in your own voice and listening to the table while relaxing – or even better meditating – has had an unusual effect on countless people. Louise Hay, author of international bestseller "You Can Cure Your Life", recommends that you sing or sing from your confirmation. Some leave CDs with positive affirmations that play softly in the background while they sleep at night.

Additionally, several applications that allow confirmations are surprising to turn on and off the computer screen, and help to program these confirmations in your subconscious mind.

Affirmation Bath

Specialists who offer a medical workshop often use a technology called "confirmation bath". Basically, there are several around one person, and they all begin to send positive confirmation directly to the person. The man is "engulfed" with positive messages from others. You can try this technique if you can find some like-minded people to participate in this workout with you.

Release Negative Emotions

Negative feelings can act as self-closing to get what you want in life. If you experience discomfort, self-esteem, fear, anger, and so on when you say your confirmation, you need to let go of these negative emotions. One way to do this is by using the Sedona method. As previously mentioned, you need to add positive emotions and feelings to your confirmation, and if negative feelings are prevented, you must be able to let go of them.

Your phone can either prevent you from getting what you want in life, or it can be a powerful impetus to create the life you've ever wanted. Create a daily exercise using positive confirmation to help prompt, support, and encourage you to follow your dreams.


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