Power Affirmations – How to Write Your Own Power Affirmations

If you look around the internet you will find hundreds of hundreds of miracles in many different categories. Looking through them can be a time-consuming task, and most people find it difficult to find the ones they are happy with. Surely it's very easy to write your own confirmation. It consists of 3 simple rules.

It is important that you closely follow these rules, although they are very simple. If it is not done correctly then they can grow up and you do not want to!

Here they are …

1. The confirmation should always be in the first person. You must understand that you are improving your own self-assessment. And self-esteem is always in the first person, so your confirmation should also be.

2. It should always be in modern times. Never future or past, where it is against purpose. Subconscious mind always thinks of the moment, so you should create your confirmation in the same way too.

3. The confirmation should always be positive. This also means that it should not be a negative negative. Your subconscious adds a sense of the word you are saying at the moment. It does not matter what you are saying.

For example: "I'm not unhealthy" is wrong. "I'm well" is right.

Writing your own confirmation can be a bit uncomfortable at first, but you have to get it in a few moments. Then, looking for the power of confirmation will only be useful to get ideas about your own creation.


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