Powerful Confirmation – How to Create Powerful Confirmation

Strong positive affirmation is a powerful tool for restoring the subconscious concept. And to make changes to your life and create new ideas and actions, you need to regain your mind and it takes your brain to create a new nervous system with repetition.

How to create strong confirmation?

There are some guidelines for creating effective and powerful confirmation.

Start the word I am . These words are some of the most powerful words in a language, and the subconscious will interpret the confirmation that begins with "I am" as a command. A directive to make it happen.

Use the present. Strong authentication should describe what you want, as you already know and as it's already done.

Tell your confirmation in positive. Confirm what you want, and not what you do not want. Our unconscious mind does not understand the word "no" or "not". If you say, "I do not know anymore", your mind hears: "I feel stressed"!

Keep it short. Powerful authentication should be short and accurate, so easy to remember. Like an advertising club.

Make it special. It is more powerful to add information for confirmation. "I'm driving the new silver-colored Mercedes Benz CLS 63 AMG" instead of: "I'm driving a new car".

Include – words. Active action verb adds a confirmation by creating an image of doing it now and now.

Have a variety of emotions or emotions. These words should indicate your temper if you have already achieved what you are confirming. Example: Enjoy, happily, lovingly, etc. These words will also help you add your feelings to confirm. Try to really find it!

Make a strong confirmation for you. Make confirmation describe your own behavior or condition, not others. Do not confirm: "My husband now damages me with respect and love" instead of saying "I'm now loving and respecting marriage!"

Add "this or something better". In my strong acknowledgment, I agree with this confirmation as last: "This or something better is real to me now!" By avoiding limiting yourself and your mind to "just" achieve what you confirm. You get open to something happening that you could now have the ability to imagine.

Remember, mostly using verification will only give you results when you follow actions! And remember that it will take some time before the mind is reprogrammed and you are comfortable with this new "truth". Studies have shown that it takes at least 30 days to create a new nervous system in the brain.


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