Purpose – Strength of Responsibility

I often talk to people who are struggling to get what they want in their lives and they find it difficult to understand where things are going wrong. They have decided what they want, set their goals and start taking action on their goals; but somehow they seem to find that circumstances are in their way.

When I start asking these people and getting them to think about what's going wrong, I often find a common thread. They often tell me they failed because someone else did or did not; something that happened "out of control" or something that changed "did not affect". The most common thing is that they give up their power by taking no responsibility.

How do we feel that we recognize and take our responsibility and take this power? Let's look at some typical examples where people learn situations or something else for their mistakes.

  • Blame the weather for not running never fits you . Buy a treadmill if you can afford it; buy light waterproof if you can not. Choose another form that you can do indoors or say you do not care about getting wet.
  • Blame your customers because they did not buy your ebook is not going to make your destiny . Maybe you did not buy because you did not explain it correctly, or they did not understand the value or not enough of them on the sales page. Convert your copy, add the value you offer or look for more traffic. Take some actions.
  • Blame your master because you did not get an increase will not pay your mortgage . Perhaps your boss does not think you understand it, or he can not afford it, or he just has not noticed you. Find out what you can do to notice, add more value or find another job. Take some actions.
  • You have never wished to win the prize for teaching a short period of time to write this novel . Get up soon, go to sleep later and spend less time watching TV. Ask your family to leave you for two nights a week. Take some actions.

"Conditions" are nothing but problems that require solutions. Take the responsibility to find the solutions instead of struggling.

Next time you find yourself saying "I want to do it, if you just want to" shut your head and wake up. Use these words "if only" as a personal challenge to figure out just what you can do to overcome this obstacle.


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