Sample Confirmation – Learn A Simple Way To Write A Powerful Confirmation Beginning Today

Confirmations are a great way to start your day with purpose, passion and power. Verifications can really change how we look at various aspects of life. Confirmations should create a strong mental and emotional impact on the speaker. The reason why many people do not perceive purpose, passion and power is because their confirmation is incorrectly written. To get strong confirmations that are sure to challenge your current thinking, you need to learn to write successful verification. The purpose of this article is to help you do that.

Best Case Scenario
I usually say that your confirmation needs to be based on your goals. To take this term a bit further, what is the best thing to do about what you want? Statement statements are used to draw attention and attention. The reason they are effective is that they change and challenge a limiting belief.

Your verifications need to be positive. They need to be written in a way that describes the results you want. "I'm happily happy with perfect weight or 125" as an example. Your statement needs to describe what you want, not what you do not want. "I'm so tired of being overweight" is a good example of poorly written confirmation that makes little or no positive feeling. There is a positive feeling that produces the function that results.

Short to the point
Your statements should be short. Something easy to remember and recite will work best. You do not want your confirmation to subtract from paragraph to paragraph. "I'm happy to work in my dream job". This spec is a bit unclear. Personally, I really like my confirmation. The more accurate they are, the more power is issued.

An example of confirmation can be:

I'm strong and very courageous
I'm happy to write an hour a day
I'm excited to get this VP presentation
I'm passionate about talking to thousands people in my courses

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