Start of prosperity with four prosperous representatives about a successful relationship with God

This is a presentation of the first four 12 Successful prosperity, written in a spiritual approach towards prosperity. These confirmations are customizable and highly effective if you are willing to systematically confirm the following statements or statements of your own equipment that capture their essence.

Prosperity 12 confirmations are 12 strong assertions of prosperity and well-being drawn from the commandments 10 (Exodus 20: 1-17). The book of prosperity from the Georgiana Tree West ministry was inspired for the creation of 10 confirmation of prosperity. But at some point I was moved to add Jesus & # 39; 2 great commands were found in Matthew 22: 37-39, so thank you confirmations to 12. Why do we make a declaration of prosperity when we have commands, reminders, and tips in the scriptures, books and dozens of dozens? I often believe that we hear commands and wish to obey them, but we may stumble because we do not have a process of making the commands part of our thinking, counting and behavior. One way to implement the spirit of command is to confirm it in language and action until it becomes an automatic part of our behavior. By confirming success of the 1st Fourth Confirmation every day, we can begin to make these powerful principles of prosperity a fundamental part of our daily work.

1st Fourth Growth Growth

I regard God as my sole resource. Success 1. Confirmation is essential. A prosperous life is based on the idea that everything we need or want content and not content, visible and invisible; comes from God, creator of all things.

I create success, abundance and destiny. As human beings, we are wired to create spiritual "images". Image is a spiritual representation of everything that is not really present in the senses (Webster). All we create is first created as a spiritual image before it develops into obvious three-dimensional forms.

I speak only words that confirm satisfaction, abundance and prosperity. There is power in every word we speak. Therefore, the intention is to speak the most good words that come to mind. When our words are born of the Spirit of Truth, they are creative.

I provide information about my identification to God. Rest and submission are key to surviving this confirmation. We want to free our need to stay in constant activity and to let go of all thoughts, habits and circumstances that hamper our experience of prosperity. Most importantly, we release our final activity and allow God's infinite activity to complete the creation process.

The essence of these four affirmations concerns our relationship with God, as the focus of the first four commandments is our relationship with God and makes these statements ideal for initiating a prosperity change with the Propsering Power of the universe of God.

Next Steps

Now it's time to take time to repeat these 4 confirmations or artificial confirmation that you personally promote. The key is to spend time with these ideas and make them your own. These 4 confirmations confirm our kindness to the source of our wealth-God. Now, how can you implement these first 4 confirmations and make them part of your usual thinking?


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