Success Tip from Siimon Reynolds – Self Education – Aim

One of Australia's best-known advertising specialists and CEO of Photon Group, now over 180 million USD a year.

How have you been able to accelerate your knowledge of business and your understanding of life?

I constantly read books and magazines and learned the best in what field I want to succeed. I probably have more than 800 books about personal and professional achievements and away from personal experience, these books have been my teachers.

I've also written success that I practice every day, so I know what my intention is to learn. I find out why you need some knowledge faster than your purchase.

The first thing I do every morning is meditation and prayer. I'm sitting in the bath, writing out my goals and reading about the future myself or what I yearn for. I also emphasize the brand's own placement and & # 39; – how I want to see people in my life. And I think thankfulness is very important, so I'm grateful for some things I appreciate before I go to work.

This daily rituals make work so much easier. Sometimes we do not feel like going to work and it can affect us for the ten hours we are there. It's important to be in the middle so one of the greatest gifts you can develop for yourself is to try to control your mind. By doing my meditation tomorrow, I try to protect and cultivate my mind so that it supports me and does not destroy me.

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