Success with confirmation comes through workout

To be successful with confirmation is just being good with something else … the more you practice, the better you get.

So, what and how should you work with confirmations to get maximum benefits?

First, practice the word correctly. Just as in "right for you". Regardless of what others can say is a hard and fast rule, it's not always the right way to use the current thrill of history. Some, like cartoonist Scott Adams from Dilbert's fame, conclude that using the futuristic era is the confirmation "more credible". And that's why if the confirmation is credible, it becomes more effective.

So, an experiment with "I will make / be / have a magazine, sheet …" versus "I am now / be / whatever is blah …" and see what works best to give you positive feelings you seek (courage, self-esteem, peace, joy, etc.), and at the same time raise the imagination that best represents the successful implementation of the goal.

Secondly, practice to see what time of day your best is to make your confirmation. The first thing this morning is almost always a good time for everyone, as low-calorie debris that are present just before they are fully awake show an excellent environment for planting new confirmation seeds. But whenever you can feel relaxed your muscles, especially those in your feet, hands, back and neck, can also be good.

Finally, we practice writing confirmation to speak and speak it high. If you like writing it, try sometimes to randomize or use the cursor if it's not your usual style. If you like talking out loud, try to lower your tone or speed you speak. You can also sing or sing with a confirmation.

Here are some other suggestions:

* Receive confirmation in a foreign language if you are floating in one and especially if you have grown up and speak one in a bilingual home.

* Repeat the confirmation of the image or statue of a religious image that is of great significance to you.

* Repeat the confirmation of a trusted friend or partner until you believe you are convinced.

* Keep in mind while practicing (Anthony Robbins's motivator used to make him while on the beach).

* See if you can confirm confirmation in conversations.

* Write a card confirmation and put the card in your pocket. Then touch the card from time to time.

Well, that should be enough to get started. Use your creativity to make the whole process fun and meaningful for you. This will actually ensure that the results you search for will appear in your life.


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