The 5 disadvantages of training

Life training is big. In fact, it's five big Con, I should know I'm a coach. I have also been in reception time of training. Do not get the wrong idea that it's not a kind of Con that you could keep in mind.

These agreements will result in you no less These agreements will have a positive impact on your life. These agreements will lead you to success, promotion and enforcement. These Con & # 39; s will definitely decide if your training experience was successful.

The first major agreement is confirmed

By deciding to direct the client changes to show personal information about themselves and their circumstances.

This is the first step because without the client being honest and open about his life, the trainer will not have the necessary information to work with the customer at a bug level that will lead to change.

"Who Speaks, Sow Who Listens, Harvests." – Argentina Reputation

Another major context is

After a customer has faith in a coach, there is an overview of the main issues where a change is desired. This forms the framework of the training of the Union.

Another definition of providing is the case. By discussing the issues of customers mind in a constructive manor and asking the most effective and promising questions, solutions are found and goals are created when the customer begins to realize how best to handle their lives.

Proverbs 11:14 "For lack of guidance, nation falls but many counselors make victory sure"

As a customer and trainer advising on the training factors is more common sense, policy and purpose; This confirms to the client that they are on track. Having impartial, independent, skilled professionals to work with and sharing their ideas also adds further confirmation to the client that they take the right step toward success.

Fourth Big Match

When the client receives confirmation of the appropriate field of operation, trust is made. The goals and hopes derived from training conversations and ideas that seemed like dreams begin to take seriously and are effectively implemented to make the dream come true.

Trust is a byproduct of faith. Faith has a positive improper belief and mindset about a particular event or outcome. Faith and confidence create positive energy saving (vibration) within one who has this feeling.

This energy affects the mind / body connection of the individual, which leads to positive side effects such as greater emphasis, motivation, clarity, welfare, good delivery, etc. And the list of benefits takes place.

This great energy of trust also affects the outside world. People will consciously and unconsciously gain energy, whether there is high or low vibration.

If you feel safe about yourself and your abilities, others will feel about you. Different scenarios are also true.

Energy can also affect another person in a positive or negative way.

To maintain high positive energy;

oChange yourself with confidence, positive and happy

oTime for your hobbies and interests

oPlan to do courses, activities and or lessons that help you develop as a human being.

Fifth Big Con is Con-quer

When a customer grows in confidence, the energy creates positive thoughts, words and actions.

The scientific law on the conservation of energy states that "energy can not be created or destroyed, but transformed from one form to another." The total amount of material and energy available in the universe is a fixed amount never more or less.

The actions to be confident are those that deal with the challenges and goals of the physical and spiritual world.

Overcome your life and turn to your devils is the final stage of the cycle to be successful and accomplished.

"Quitters never win and winners never stop"

Completing the cycle does not mean eliminating any problems in the future. The training process provides the client with tools to better manage new goals and challenges.


Confiding (Client – Coach) Ways to

Advice (Client – Trainer) Making

] Confirmation (Client – Trainer) Which Gender

Confidence (Client) Containing

Defeating (Client) Achieved goals and goals.


Q1 Which Con do you consider the most important and why?

Q2 Who in your life fulfills the training role in each level 5 Con trick?

Q3 Do you think your goals were successful on your own or with the help of an outsider?

Q4 Do you want to be part of this Con?



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