The goal of "setting" is just a part of the success

Read virtually any self-help book, and you will understand the important importance of "setting goals." Successful people set themselves goals, we are told. They write it down, and this is what distinguishes from the "3% of the population" that turned out well, from those who did not.

It may be true, but it's not all the story – and thinking of having a goal is one an important factor that will guide you well in life can disappoint you. You will also doubt the whole concept of goals and fall back on your old routine.

Wrong Logic

To understand why people make this mistake by realizing that the goals are one of the most important factors, let's take another example. It's like somebody pointed out that "baseball players have a weapon." You look down, see you have a weapon and resolution: "I have to be a baseball player!" Although all players in the baseball have a weapon, it does not mean that everyone with weapons is a baseball player.

There is no defective logic that applies to goals. Successful people set goals, but it is not true that all who set goals get results. Setting goals is just a part of what they do.

Focused Lifestyle

Successful people do something much deeper than just setting goals – they develop a "central lifestyle." This allows them to manage all the goals to succeed – to think about what they want in the future, to change them to certain goals, to choose self-esteem, to monitor their progress, stay motivated in difficult times, to incorporate their friends and families into their success.

A goal-oriented lifestyle is not just about what success does but also how they think . They approach problems in their lives as short-term subjects in the long run, while others would look to find someone to blame. They think of the future, but others think of their regret from the past. They promise other people for their own success in life, while others would feel envious and bitter.

Goal-oriented individuals do not fight through life. They set it up to achieve their goals fun and easy. They understand how to use power habits for their benefit. They are happier, more happy men. Others will be around them, where a positive attitude is contagious.

The wonderful news is that you can adopt a goal-oriented lifestyle for everyone. It only takes the commitment that you decide to give your life purpose and pursue goals for that purpose.


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