The Law of Attraction – using Verification as a Work

I laughed when I first heard the idea of ​​repeating mantra again and again. It reminded me of the shit on Saturday Night Live. Stewart Smaley would sit in front of a mirror saying:

I'm good enough

I'm clever enough

And dog gone, people like me.

As funny as it sounds, it works! Repeated confirmation has amazing power in the subconscious. Confirmation is a positive and meaningful statement that is considered to be a conviction to yourself in the first person. Alexander Lockhart wrote in positive charges: "Verifications are based on how you want things to be. Strengths. As these positive messages become part of your subconscious mind, they will soon come into your reality." Alexander gives helpful instructions for authentication to be effective:

1. They must be personal. For example, use "I am", "I do" and "I will" statements.

2. They must be positive. Verifications must be positive statements and should confirm what you are moving to, not away from.

3. They must be in modern times. Do not use words like "sometime" or "soon".

4. They must be special. For example, instead of saying, "I'll make a lot of money" say: "I make _____ the amount of dollars a year."

5. They must be credible. You must believe in yourself and your abilities. Do not set your goals so high that you can not imagine or accept what you want to achieve.

Create your own mantra or confirmation that is personal to you. Use the instructions Alexander Lockhart explained to make your own dreams come true. Be open to the experience and see how your verifications work in your life. When we are open to new experiences and do what other successful people have done that has been faced with us, we will experience the same results. Many of the successful leaders work with confirmations such as Terry Cole-Whittaker, Tony Robbins, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson and Deepak Chopra.

I work with Mantra "God is my source and supply" every day. Just this mantra has changed my life. I do not look for other people, places or things to be my availability. I truly believe that my supply comes from the unlimited and infinite spirit. I am now aware that no institution is a source of my money. For if I were to lose my job, there would be another to me, because my supply comes from God. I learned it first. My love for love does not come from my husband; He is the Avenue God works through.

Some confirmations I've worked in my daily life that have a significant difference:

I do not take what others say, do, feel or
think personally.
By not personalizing, I
enhance my personal power.

I'm safe and safe in the world.

I deserve joy.

One word of caution in creating confirmation, if confirmation is not credible, your mind will reject them. For example, if you're in debt and you start using a confirmation, "I'm a millionaire", your mind can say "right to right" and rejected completely. This will cause a doubt in your bed and doubt your muscle tone is lower. Based on the Law of Attraction, you must create more negative things in your life and your dreams will not be realized. Double will prevent your dreams from appearing. It's important to make it credible to you. First, start with "I'm financially free" or "I have $ 30,000 in the bank". When you meet the goal and it comes to yield, create another confirmation to reach you next goal.


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