The most powerful confirmation

Have you used verification in the past and got a little of them? The problem with traditional affirmations is that they usually emphasize the words. But here's a little secret: it does not matter when you place your order with the universe.

What matters? The Feels you come up as you say the words.

Remember that the Law of Attraction works according to your thoughts, opinions, and feelings. You can say "I'm wealthy" all day for many years – but if you do not feel wealthy, guess what's going to happen? Nothing!

Today, I would like to introduce you to another form of confirmation and I dare say that it is the most powerful confirmation you can do. It works well, and it works fast.

I call it "the feeling" and fun that you do not even need to use words at all. It's all about the feelings you communicate with the universe.

Let's go through an example so you can see how it's done:

Imagine your biggest challenge now is money. You have written confirmations such as these: "I always have enough money. I'm open to a lot of abundance now …", etc. But nothing changes.

To make the "feeling" you would simply set aside 5 or 10 minutes a day, find a quiet place to be one and then you would focus on requiring you to have what you want. In this example, it's money.

What would it matter for the money you need? Do you feel happy, relieved, peaceful, safe? Focus on feeling right now. Let yourself have you enough money at the bank or how much revenue you want. Let yourself drive a new car instead of one that is held together with gimps and prayer. (Yes, I also have one of them!)

Do not obsess with information about how your desire is diagnosed. Do not think how the money will come, how revenue will come, how the car comes. Do not worry when it happens either.

Rather than focusing on uniqueness, focus only on ESSENCE to have what you want. This may be unnatural for the first time because we are used to being very specific with confirmation. But with these feelings of affirmation, you do not have to focus on a specific situation. Actually, it works much better if you do not.

Clear the essence of what you want and focus on having it. That's it!

When you do this, you create literally endless possibilities for the universe to respond to your request. Instead of encountering one or two options, you are open to all and to all of them, including those who are much better than anything you might have imagined.

Be careful not to "un-make" your confirmation!

Besides, make sure you do not send opposing signals to the universe by giving out thoughts and feelings that prevent the way you want. Use the same example above, make sure you do not continue to worry about money or confirm that you do not have enough money. Remember, you only send a powerful, secure message to the universe that you already have the money you want – and the universe is running to make sure your physical reality reflects it! In other words, organizing things so that more money will flow into your life.

But if you start to doubt and complain that you do not have enough, you will close it.

Even though you can not maintain much faith and faith that you already have enough money, try to keep your neutral mindset at least. Whenever doubts or concerns come true, try them carefully. Refuse to focus on them. Exercising alone can make a lot of changes even before your feelings start to work.

How often should you make these feelings?

I would recommend daily, but if you need to skip a day or two, it's not a big deal. Doing this almost daily is still successful. Even better, fit this exercise right into your daily life and you will have no trouble observing it! Make it the first thing this morning when you wake up or in the last few minutes before going to sleep. Or do it at your lunch.

And you do not have to waste tons of time in this; Just a couple of minutes a day can make a lot of changes. More than anything, QUALITY is much more important than quantity. The more powerful emotions you can lend to the process, the faster you will usually see the results.

The biggest part of this type of authentication is that it's really seamless.

Just sit aside for a few minutes a day to immerse yourself in this happy mind and feeling – and watch as the universe changes and shapes your life into one miracle after another. Try it and see yourself; It has a truly amazing change in your own life.


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