The Power of Confirmation

Our beliefs are based on everything we do in life. Independent restrictions are those that prevent us from doing things. For example, "I'm not a good cook" is a religion that prevents anyone from cooking a healthy nutrition meal. This can in turn lead to the consumption of processed and comfortable food that leads to health problems. How did they get in the first place – sometimes do some meals not as expected – maybe someone did not show gratitude for an effort to prepare a meal – sometimes the recipe was unclear? There could be thousands of reasons, but none of them means you can not cook. What has happened here is that your brain will look for evidence to support your faith. So if you believe "you're not a good cook" you'll have no trouble finding clues that will confirm your faith.

In order to change a negative religion, you must break what is called the course of autism & # 39; – A technical term for the voice that appears in your head like you are going to do something that will challenge you or take you out of your comfort area. For example, "there is no way you can do this" – or words for that purpose. Level one is to stop strengthening old faith at every opportunity. Level two is to replace the old faith with a chosen phrase, known as "confirmation". For example, "I'm a great cook". These types of statements are called positive affirmations (statements we believe to be true) and will subconsciously feed the thoughts that help you succeed.

It is important to remember that this statement may not be true, but the main objective at this stage is to discontinue self-esteem. The final stage is to put you in a good place, where you can see and find your new faith. For example, imagine your family is thanking you for a great meal you just made. It is important that this three-step process is repeated as often as necessary when self-limiting faith becomes prevalent.

A positive statement must be personal (I) in the present (AM) and contain the operation (GREAT COOK).

This three-step process can be tailored to any situation and can really help you to eliminate negative attitudes that hold you back to workplace or within communication. By repeating positive confirmation again and again, you will improve your self-esteem; and this will help you succeed.


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