The Power of Confirmation

Positive confirmation can help us in all our areas – whether we want to earn more money, become more efficient, improve our relationships or develop new practices. With the power of confirmation, we can discover how to feed our minds with positive statements that prevent the negative programming we receive daily from our environment.

We get what we think about most of the time. Our inner conversations, thoughts and feelings determine what kind of life and reality we experience. It's not what life throws on us that determines what kind of life we ​​live. It's our thoughts and attitudes and how we deal with events that determine whether we have a happy, prosperous life or not.

Verifications are positive statements describing the desired circumstances, events, habits or goals, and are repeated spiritually or out loud. If you find it hard to think positively, you can use a confirmation to change how you think. The great thing about the human mind is that it can imagine and see situations that are not present now. If you can show an event or state of affairs with enough clarity and emotion, the mind does not matter between this and reality and you must redesign your mind with positive images. Use of confirmation can be a kind of brainwashing, only you get to choose which negative views are washed away.

It is important to keep in mind that our thoughts are creative and it is essential that a positive change is that we exercise conscious effort to direct our thoughts and think of maintaining positive angles. Confirmation can be used as a small reminder of our inner self to keep us on the positive track. Constantly repeating authentication with conviction and passion will be down even the strongest resistance.

When you start using verification, you may wonder how fast you will start to see changes, but there is no easy answer to this. There is no doubt that the use of authentication can be very effective, but it's basically not a matter of time but a more question of how acceptance of a change can be. If you try to strengthen your faith or habits you are already happy with them, you may see changes almost immediately, but if you work in an area where there is much resistance (since what you confirm is actually against what your mind believes) then it will be slower and requires synchronous action. No matter what lifestyle you are working on or who you are, confirmation will not only make you feel better about yourself, they can begin to show a real change in your life.


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