The Power of Confirmation and Music

You already have the greatest knowledge of self-esteem. Yet, why are some more successful than others? You might have been inspired by a book or tape before. Why does this incentive no longer hold? Even if you already know, why were not you able to apply them effectively when the time runs out? The answers to these questions are in confirmation.

The key point is that you constantly remember the positive features you already have. It has been said that the repetition is the connoisseur . Confirmations are a great way to accomplish it.

It is a well-known fact that our beliefs create our reality. If we think we can work, we can. Confirmations are the best way to develop our belief system. ]

What is confirmation?

Official Website I AM University defines acceptance as a positive statement that has been specifically designed to redesign the subconscious concept with positive and spiritual thoughts. One of the main tools of maintenance healing and the redesign of our subconscious mind. This is a fundamental factor in the fact that our thoughts create our reality! (

Confirmation is also known as: Pep talk, Autosuggestion, Positive self-esteem, Self-assessment, Mental programming, Positive thinking, Self-hypnosis, Psycho-cybernetics, Alpha method.

Confirmation is a medium to influence the subconscious mind.

How does confirmation work?

You know the ads – Same ads are shown over and over. They know the importance of repetition. It takes a repeat for an idea to sink into our minds. You need to do the same with the positive features you are aware of, because they are absorbed and handled by your subconscious mind.

Napoleon Hill says, thinking and growing rich – "Here is the most important fact – the subconscious mind takes any orders given in the spirit of pure faith and operates on these rules, although orders often have to be introduced over and over again, through repetition, before being interpreted by the subconscious. "

Statistics show that negative news is sent 11 times more than good news. How can we have a positive impact on our thinking in a negative environment we live in? Automatic suggestions help you to be positive even under adverse conditions.

The protocol states that our external reality is a reflection of our inner reality. You attract what you are. It's true with your financial success or other achievements.

Pat Riley, coach, Miami Heat Basketball team, NBA champions 2006, quoted – " A champion needs incentives outside work " – Once you find your purpose and put it in your essence with your confirmation can find such encouragement.

A coach encourages his team. Word prompt You use confirmation to encourage you.

Psychologists and scriptures again and again confirm the importance of having faith. You must have faith in your self to succeed. "… FAITH is a state of mind that can be developed or created with confirmation or repetitive instruction to the subconscious mind, with the principle of automatic suggestion." – says Napoleon Hill, the author of classical thinking and grow rich – "you may think of the subconscious you believe you will receive what you ask for and it will respond to the faith your subconscious mind returns to in the form of & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp ;, depending on certain plans of what you want.

"… any thinking ideas repeated in the subconscious. It may eventually be accepted and responded to the subconscious mind that continues to translate these impetus into its physical equivalence, by utilizing the existing procedure. "

Dr. David J. Schwartz, author of Magic of Thinking Big says -" Build Your Own "sold yourself and advertisement. Sometimes the gospel of & Co; The people who make Coca Cola are reset you to "Coke & # 39; and for good reason. Then the sale would fall.

But the Coca Cola company is not going to let this happen. They resell you and resell you and resell you to "Coke."

You must sell yourself again and again to have faith, faith and confidence and then to succeed.

Mark Fisher and Marc Allen, author of how to think as a millionaire says – "Both authors This book has experienced great results using a simple formula or confirmation developed by famous French pharmacist Emile Coue … which are considered by these words: Every day, by all means, I get better and better .

The gold rule self-regulation is repetition so that it should be repeated daily – the other day – to reach As a result, a state of affairs, where the subconscious is receptive to new information, is the best – though not necessary. However, it makes the process much faster. "

Confirmation example:

Suppose that you want to work to increase your self esteem. Self-esteem is an emotional self-esteem, circumcision of reason and logic, a key factor in performance. You can use the following confirmations to enhance your self esteem: – "I think I myself. I am a winner." – "I am a valuable person." – "I have a lot of good things in my life and I am grateful." – "I is enthusiastic, energetic and full of hope and promise. "-" I'm strong, bold, strong and confident. "-" Every day, by all means, I'm getting better and better "

In the same way about goal setting and actions: – "I set long, medium and short term goals." – "My dreams and goals make me look forward to each day." – "I take steps to achieve at least one goal every day." – "I create an environment which emphasizes my dreams and goals. "-" I just write down what I want, prioritize them and set them as goals by date. "

Verifications must be the first person, modern form to be successful. There are also other confirmations that positively impact our environment favorable to success. They are like – famous positive, stimulating, encouraging quotes, images, own comments and confessions that remind us of motivating things.

As Deepak Chopra says in Affluence – you do not have to consciously think of wealthy features, just have to listen to daily. Similarly, just complete the confirmation of daily and subconscious mind will take it up regularly and do the work.

"The greatest danger for us most is not that our goal is too high and we miss it, but it's too low and we get it." – Michelangelo

21 days create a habit:

How can we develop a good routine? Experts agree that after 21 days of repetition of positive actions, you develop them in the habit. So, start with, just select one category, repeat your confirmation and respond. After 21 days, you can go to other categories.

We are a creature habits. 21 days do habits. You can develop a good routine by working on it for a minimum of 21 days.

"Do one every day that scares you." – Eleanor Roosevelt

Why do people tend to forget? You need constant alerts. When you use it regularly, this tool can act as a reminder of the positive features you already have.


Studies have shown that slow (60 beats per minute) music brings the heart rate to relaxation, calms the mind and increases memory, learning ability and efficiency.

You must have experienced a good feeling while listening to uplifting or melodious music. Listening to slow rhythm music upon confirmation can increase the effectiveness of confirmation, though not necessary.

"It came to me with intuition and music was the driving force behind this intuition. My discovery was a result of music recognition." – Albert Einstein should be asked about his theory of relativity.

"Music clears the understanding, encourages it and lives in a state that would not succeed if it were left alone." – Henry Ward Beecher.

It is quite easy to take one step at a time, starting with the first step. As Karen Lamb quoted – " A year you may wish you started today. " So, start using today's confirmation.

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