The Power of Confirmation

Of all the great guidelines to prevent Edgar Cayce from accepting the International Consciousness, using authentication is unique. Confirmations can help us change our minds, mood and health, and achieve new awareness and happiness. He gave over 100 acknowledgments to people seeking physical, mental or spiritual help.

From his point of view, confirmation is thought to be built into potential ideology. He taught us to speak (out loud or silent) confirmation, be sure to maintain awareness of the meaning of the words and speak it with a positive and expected attitude, until all of our spiritual world was positively labeled. He suggested that the confirmation be repeated three to five times, but the goal was to achieve "fully positive responses" from the spiritual part of our being. Try this. It works.

I have selected three Cayce confirmations, which are at the end of this article. The first man was meant to accept the wishes, needs and attitudes we all experience in life and move them into a higher, more global state that leads to greater harmony and happiness in our lives. After sending this confirmation, Cayce instructed the man to "leave him with him" rather than continue to wonder and doubt the anxiety waiting for success. He wanted people to sense the power in confirmation of the spiritual self and then let go of it. The reason for this, he explained, was that "invisible forces" are more powerful than seen and work in a special way. The unseen forces work best when we believe in them, demonstrating faith shown by allowing them to work their magical path with our bodies, minds, hearts and lives. He said that the spirit of patience, expectation and pleasure are fertile soils that invisible forces can lead to their miracles.

The second confirmation was designed to help people find the best way to be another blessing. Cayce explained that the phrase "coming in and coming out" (Exodus 28:35) speaks of entering a holy place within us where God meets us and comes out of holy place to communicate with others and beyond our work. Entering is mostly done in sleep, prayer, meditation, and moment of meditation and stationary.

The third acknowledgment was designed to link us with what Cayce called "Christ's consciousness", state of mind and perspective as best for the power of light and love to come in with us – a great state to experience.

I used the first confirmation and was amazed by her influence on me. Try one and send your results.

"Let my desire and my needs be in your hands, you manufacturer, the author of the universe and all the forces and powers of it!" And I can coordinate my attitude, my purpose, my desire for you to act as an act. Now understand it with him and go to work!) "- 642-8

" Sir, here I am! Use yourself as you know best. May I go inside and always bring me out Be acceptable your lord, my strength and savior. "- -2803-3

" Let this mind be in me who knew it himself. He could not do anything but by the power of the light of our father all , may I come to know his love, the better your will, Father, will happen to me now. "- 436-3


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