The Power of Positive Confirmation

I have been a mental supervisor for many years now and I have always been interested in reading books about mental, self-reliant, healing and learning as much as I could for some time. I feel like I have blessed myself by coordinating myself with some best spiritual teachers through courses and individual counseling. I had to overcome many obstacles in my life because of family problems and needed a lot of instructions.

One of my mentors was a consultant in Houston, Texas. I spent almost ten years working with this woman who believed everything by virtue of confirmation. It was like going to confessions in the Catholic Church. We want to have our meeting where we talk about matters, and then I would get a so-called homework. Instead of ten "Hail Mary" and five "Our Father", we would write this confirmation 25 times: "I begin to bless all that comes in my life as good and good." Then I would write this confirmation to first person with "me", another man: "You start" and a third person: "Laureen, starts." The reason is that yes, I have to confirm. When you write in another person, it's like someone I trust speaks to me right. In the third person, it is as if it were written and already true.

In ten years I have written thousands of confirmations. I have written confirmation of healing from previous years of life, healing of relationships, healing from divorce and healing from career paths. I was fundamentally reassessing my conscious and subconscious negative thoughts in positive "affirmative" thoughts. Instead of believing in a "negative religion" that no longer works for me, I worked to accept and confirm the "positive" experience of the situation.

At the beginning, I would complain that my hands would be tired of the entire publication, but the repetition confirms confirmation in the subconscious mind. Also the more times you write confirmation, the more emotionally you get. How can you write "I'm well in mind, body and spirit" dozens of times, without believing? Writing helps you to believe it, find it and rediscover your mind.

I wrote confirmation in magazines and remarks about the house. I have written in my computer and printed some of them in big format and glued it to my wall, such as: "The more money I spend, the more money I get from the universe." I tend to like this a lot! I have even received confirmation, so I can listen at home while I'm doing yoga. I find that it's not too much too much. We spend so much of our lives in a negative environment, whether at work or at home, with our family, friends or even watching TV.

When I was in music school, I was a singer. I used to hear all the time from various students (some instrumentalists), "I can not sing." Well, who told them they could not sing, and why did they believe it? I have found through the years of singing, performance and teaching that very few are actually deaf deaf. So why did so many believe that they can not sing? That's because someone told them to be quiet in the church when they were singing, and from then on they took a negative belief system about singing. Just because they have not received a beautiful voice or professional voice, is not the same as they "can not sing". I found myself guiding some of these people for the watch and see, they could.

Not all can be contacted by mentors, consultants or experts to help us. But one thing we can do is help us by working with confirmations. The only great thing about confirmation is that there is so much information on the Internet about confirmation. What I want to do is look through many written confirmations in healing, prosperity, health, career, communication and finding the ones I want. Then I've come back to something that I think is right. I always make sure that the confirmation is written in "modern" and that it is positive and special.

Some confirmations have a little "fee" to say. What I mean by a "fee" is that you are doing something positive, but you feel negative emotions as you write. All of this means that it's somehow not quite sure that you really believe it and there is some remedy to do in this area. As you continue to write confirmation, the number of emotions may flow if you allow you to go through the process. Experts say the subconscious does not know what is real or not real. So, why not give us the best positive belief system, to change negative views we've accepted throughout our life cycle? Changing our faith is like giving us new life, a new perspective and a new future based on positive views.

When I was in a difficult time in my life, I used to write "I'm now releasing all the fear and frustration", over and over again. It was difficult, because I was in fear, and I had a lot of frustration. I was tired of being depressed. I was tired of being afraid. What I had to do was reprogram me to release these negative feelings so that I could live the joy of life. Even though I did not initially believe that I could really "drop out" these negative emotions, the more times I wrote the confirmation, the more relaxed I became.

I love the books so much that I buy CDs and audio downloads by so many wonderful teachers and healers, and I usually play when I ponder or go to sleep. I understand that continued use of verification changes my prospects, productivity, and joy and joy. I even subscribe to a number of email subscriptions from Unity Daily Word and Joel Osteen. I find that immersing me in positive affirmations has helped me to grow sharply and has healed many wounds. I am now much more happy and positive than I have ever been in my entire life.

My new confirmation of the day is "I like positive words and experienced positive results." Have a great day!


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