The Power of Positive Confirmation

To a large extent, your happiness and your success in life are determined by the thoughts you hold in your subconscious mind. Positive confirmation is powerful statements used to build positive internal conversations. By constantly reflecting positive affirmations on yourself, you create positive subconscious minds. These new, positive, creative thoughts will automatically reflect through your life. Every time they play back they will strengthen the new positive inner image that you have yourself and your life in general. By replacing old, negative thinking with new, positive subconscious concepts, you can access endless resources of the positive energy that you have within you. And you will be able to create a new, positive reality for you.

When you use a positive confirmation, make sure you feel comfortable. Experience everyone. Enjoy them. Suppose all confirmations are true in your physical reality. Feel the positive emotions that are appropriate for this positive reality. This will help you make positive changes faster and automatically.

At the end of this report you will find dozens of carefully selected, temporary, positive confirmations that will help you get started. Choose who you think is helpful. Write them down, take them with you and use them often. Get used to telling them while doing ordinary things like brushing your teeth or washing your hands.

Maximize the Benefits of Using Positive Confirmation

The following two nuggets advisors help you maximize the benefits of using positive verification:

1. Use the verification often. It's one thing to know about your confirmation and use them sometimes. It's quite different to use them regularly every day for at least 30 days. Dr. Maxwell Maltz in his book "Psycho Cybernetics" claims that it takes usually 21 days to make any acceptable changes in man's mind. For some it takes a little longer. Therefore, you should use them for at least 30 days.

2.You must continue to activate the "eject" the negatives you experience daily. If you sometimes use words, but allow negative ones to control your thoughts throughout the day, all the progress you make will soon be denied. So, if you find yourself thinking negative thinking, consciously "pouring out" who thought and replaced it with one of your favorite positive affirmations.

Start using positive confirmation today

Using positive confirmation correctly is one important step to change your subconscious mind and change your life for the better. But most of us need assistance in doing this in a proper and consistent manner. Many people think that listening to audio programs (like those on ) is the best way to provide the consistency needed to develop new, healthy, positive thinking habits. In addition to positive confirmation, the best audio programs will include a variety of methods, including guided tours, mental photography, targeted meditation, downward programming, holistic thinking, and more.

So use the resources you need to start using positive verification constantly – whether it's audio or help from your friends or family. Be sure you can take steps to improve your life.

Example of Positive Confirmation

Here are dozens of powerful, temporary confirmations to help you overcome negativity in many areas of life. Repeat these confirmations to you (out loud or quiet). Or use audio programs (as found at ) to help you develop new, healthy, positive thinking habits.

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o I feel calm and relaxed.

o I breathe slowly and deeply.

o With each spirit, I'll be more relaxed.

o I breathe as a quiet, relaxed person.

o I feel completely carefree.

o I'm free from foolish care.

o I am without unnecessary stress.

o It's healthy and sensible to let go and relax.

o I like to enjoy this moment.

o I am very positive and confident.

o I feel so peaceful and calm.

Oh, I feel good.

Oh, I feel like smiling.

I smile.

o I'm happy and happy – and so relax.


o I object to the wealth and happiness of every person I met.

o Big amounts come to me.

o Money flows to me easily and naturally, as the waves flow into the beach.

o I understand large amounts and use it to help me and others.

o I put more love in my work and this gives me bigger and bigger income.

o The more money I have more money I have to give.

o I'm like a magnet for money.

o It's drawn to me.

o My financial value increases every day, regardless of what I do.

o I'm learning and growing every day that makes me valuable to the world.

o Money is always spreading freely in my life and there is always a surplus.

o Every dollar I spend in traffic, enriches the economy and comes back to me multiplied.

o I see money as a useful tool.

o The more money I have, the more money I can use to help me and others.

Weight Loss

O I love me as I am, regardless of weight.

I destroy negative thoughts.

o I like to be slim and healthy.

o I see myself as smooth and healthy.

o Daily, I gain more control over my weight.

o My thoughts affect my body.

o I destroy negative thoughts about my body.

o I like to think positively about my body.

o My faith creates me physical reality.

o I believe now and I know that I control my weight.

o My new reality involves the ideal weight and shape.

o In my mind I am now slim, healthy and attractive.

o My physical reality is quick to follow.

o I will achieve and maintain my ideal weight.


o I am in peace with myself.

o I agree.

o My self esteem is growing daily.

o I really love me.

o I'm happy to be who I am.

o All I have to be is me.

o My life is meaningful.

o My life is important.

o I'm using my life now.

I'm now the best I can be.

o I do not have to be perfect; I just like to be completely me.

o I now acknowledge my talent and abilities.

o I feel good about me.

o I feel better every moment.

o I'm glad to be myself.

o The more I accept and love myself, the more I can accept and love others.


o I'm now removing negativity.

o I now control my thoughts.

o I now manage my feelings.

I'm building a store of positive energy.

I keep positive thoughts.

I keep positive photos.

o I am responsible for my mind.

o I am responsible for my life.

o I like to be positive.

Oh, I'm positive.

o I have great potential and I will use it.

o Every day, life gets better and better.

o I suppose good things happen.

o I see something positive in all cases.

o I change negative in positive.

o I am totally positive.


o Every day I tell myself I have a lot of memory.

o I believe in my memory.

o The memory improves every day.

o I divide the negative with positive.

o I easily remember what matters.

o My memory is well organized.

o I record information easily and naturally.

o My memory collection is great.

o I'm good with names.

o I learn and remember names easily.

o I remember by name

o I remember names.

o I am now proud of my memory.

o My mind is sharp.

o The memory for names is great.

o I like to remember names.


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