The power of your subconscious – How to restart your mind

In order to be a new person, you must first think like the new person you want to be.

It's amazing how the mind works. I have been studying how the subconscious works for a moment now. I have read a lot of content and I have studied several methods for reprogramming my subconscious concept. I am always surprised by the results.

Awareness is where thoughts are formed. It is the one you use to think, make decisions, and instruct the subconscious mind. The subconscious implements what the conscious mind says without asking. Here's where you hold all your faiths (including a limited attitude) and routine (what you do every day). Our beliefs and practices govern our daily lives. The good news is if we change our limitations and our habits, we will change our lives, so it means we need to change or re-program our subconscious. How can you do this?

Subconscious mind learns with repetitions and affirmations. With repetition, we have formed our beliefs and practices, and we can use new ones in the same way. If we want to change our lives by preventing new views and practices, then the first step we need to do is to know exactly what we really want, do and be. When we know we will realize what attitudes and practices we need to change or change and attract what we have always wanted.

It is important to know that the brain is formed in four stages: Beta and Alpha in consciousness and Theta and Delta in the subconscious mind. When we are fully awake, we are in Beta. When we start to sleep, we are in alpha. When we sleep, we are in the Theta phase and when we are deeply sleeping, we get to the Delta state. According to Sigmund Fred, we can access the subconscious mind when the brain is in the Theta state, so we can easily write new opinions or practices when we are in the Theta state.

Here are some methods for reprogramming the subconscious concept. Most of these methods are automated queries. Autosuggestion is a term that describes the process where people stimulate their thoughts with repeated thoughts, images and / or words with an independent suggestion.

– Positive confirmation and confirmation. Verifications are positive statements and confirmations are motivating questions. Effective authentication would be single-person (I), present, positive, simple and selective. Ex. "I'm very pleased now that I've finished writing my book". A strong question may be: "Why do I feel very happy now that I have written my book?" I think it's a good idea to put the word "now" in confirmations and confirmations. Sometimes I like to use the words "I appoint" in my confirmation: "I invite you to be healthy and feel good!" This also works for me!

-Creative visualization is a cheerful technique where you use your imagination to create what you want in life. You can help you use a sample table, write a script, create an idea or other perspective that works for you.

-Mederation helps you clear your mind and enhance your inner peace. Meditation helps you to be aware of your thoughts, so it may be easier to understand your subconscious mind.

Search for audio files that are designed to reach the subconscious mind. Now I'm using Night Audio Programs (NAP), positive words recorded and played in a loop so you can listen to them all night while you sleep. This helps you to prevent confirmation, belief or goal in your subconscious directly without resistance

I am creating your own NAP. I wrote my positive confirmation and then I registered them on my computer. It was very easy. I only need a microphone and my computer. It was a little strange to hear my own voice but I think my voice is more powerful for me than any other voice. I noticed two similar verifications (or confirmations) that aimed at the same goal, I repeat three times each with two seconds in between, each. You can play with it and add soft music to the background if you like. I saved the song to my iPod and I listened to it at night while I was sleeping. It lasts about two hours. If you find a way to play it without disturbing you, you might want to play it all night. I have heard that some people suffer, anxious or have a headache after they start the practice of this method. Personally, at the beginning, I felt itching on my face and head, but now I feel good! Some recommend that you listen to the same confirmation for at least 10 consecutive days (30 days is best) to enable them. This is the only way you can easily reach your Theta state, the state where you can access the subconscious mind. I like to listen to my confirmation on the day I work too. It helps me to think about them.

If you think you have a limited opinion or a bad habit that restricts your performance, it would be much better to start with confirmation to help you clear your mind. Ex. "All my fear of publicity is removed now from my mind." After cleansing your subconscious mind, you can put new thoughts into your mind, otherwise your old views may be corrupted.

There are other methods to help you reprogram your mind, such as hypnosis, sublimation, downline software, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and more, but you need some professional help or purchase. You can work with the methods that I have explained to you. You just need to automatically rate yourself, maybe do some research and try to see what works best for you. Follow these steps:

1. Know what you really want and what your limited belief is, if you have them.
2. Clear your subconscious mind with your confirmation.
3. Consider new views with positive affirmations.
4. Develop new practices through your actions.

The subconscious mind is more influenced by thoughts (words) mixed with emotions and emotions. With your feelings and feelings, you can change your positive vibrations and make your subconscious mind easier. That's why when you're happy, you can attract more things because with positive emotions you can change your vibration to match the good things you're looking for. When you use words that link you to a positive sense or feeling in your confirmation, you increase the chances of marking them in your subconscious mind, so be entertained!

All success comes from behavior and all behavior begins as a repetition of thoughts, words and actions. When you totally change your views about yourself and life, you can succeed in everything. Learn how to utilize and control the power of your mind and your life will be what you've always wanted. Believe that you deserve great life and believe every word (thought) you are trying to grasp in your subconscious mind. In order to be a new person, you must first think, talk, feel and act like the new person you want to be.


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