Training, advice and guidance

Have you ever wondered what the potential may be for finding your own coach, counselor or mentor? If so, you are not alone.

Why would anyone need their own coach? What could a counselor do to help me? What in the world is suggested? What's the difference? These are some of the questions that are often asked and I will explain them to you.

First of all, what is a coach? The definition of a coach is the one who guides or trains. When most think of a coach, we follow that with a beautiful shiny whistle around the neck, encouraging clients to our children on the football field to guide them to score that victory. This is not the only type of coach out there! There are many who specialize in certain areas of training that do the same as in the example I save you above. For example, business trainer. They will work with business owner create a plan to succeed, guide them along the way, give encouragement and keep them accountable for their actions. They are the ones who rip you on victory!

Okay, so … what is a consultant? The definition of a consultant is the one who provides professional advice or service. In accordance with an example of a commercial manager, a company consultant will assess the problem and find a solution. A good business consultant is also able to work specifically with each customer's needs to get acquainted with their business inside and outside and optimizing a reform plan. The result will be a system set up to succeed and get their customers as they want to be faster! By the way, they will also lead and inspire you like this "coach" with a beautiful shiny whistle.

Finally, we will talk about mentors. The mentor's definition is the one who is trusted adviser or counselor. They have personally gone through mistakes and landed along the way, but at that time, knowledge, energy and resources were used to be very successful. The best way to find a mentor is by reference but research is a great tool to find one that is right for you. They are the wise … someone you trust and respect and who is trusted and respected by others! Mentors combine all the great features of coaches and consultants and one day they want you to be guided by someone else!


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