Training and guidance – Is it a difference?

Training and guidance defined

Training, def: Strategies for guiding, guiding and training a person or group of people, with special goals to achieve any goal or develop specific skills.

(Wikipedia, 2009).

Supervisor, def: (1) Developmental issues where a trainer or a teacher helps less experience or less knowledgeable. (2) The process of informal dissemination of knowledge, social capital and psychosocial support received by the recipient for employment, career or professional development; Guidance includes informal communication, usually face to face and over time, between an individual who perceives more relevant knowledge, wisdom or experience (mentor) and one who feels less mentee.

(Wikipedia, 2009).

"Physician, part consultant, component motivator expert, part of professional organizer, part friend, part nag – personal trainer strives to do for your life what a personal trainer does for your body." 19659003] – Kim Palmer, Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune

Training and instructions by definition are different methods. Dictionaries definitions dif. There are many sources for training services and there are many sources for the mentor.

In spite of what an individual or practice calls himself, virtual service is often difficult to detect as complex as the dictionary's definitions. Recent years have been mixed with two methods. While there are many reasons for this, technology is the major cause of this mix. Both jobs are disregarding the tradition and constitution and are offered in many types, types of routines, roads and under the title of counselors, training or guidance.

Therefore, the terms today are used in a common sense. Some may contemplate the concepts of coaching and mentoring.

When asked about definitions, educated and skilled men seem to be aboard and disagree with each action. Suffice it to say that the practices overlap. Some coaches are suggested, a coach is a coach. (Note: The author is not judging this phenomenon, but indicates the status of current professions.) Regardless of what is called, this learning or teaching presents excellent opportunities for knowledge, progress and growth in general at faster speeds.

"Our main will in life is the one that allows us to do what we can."

– Ralph Waldo Emerson, 19th Century Philosopher and Poet

"After all, I said," Teaching is what I try to do to live. "

– Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric

The lack of clarity today provides different roots for training and guidance. Professional training as a special profession of people's development is relatively new. His roots date back to the 1920s because it failed Actually, until 1970. Today, an informally controlled profession with many types: lifelong learning, business training, personal training to name a few.

The guiding story is, however, returned to Greek mythology. When Odysseus went to war he believed his son, Tech Machus, Education and Development to the Wise Council of Mentor.

Anyway, if it's training or if it's a guide, then it's useful for such conversation nd. The same educated group disagreed when it came to analyzing the two jobs would agree that it is a great benefit for training or advisory relationship. So take advantage of training; make use of the instructions. Do not worry what it is. Just take the opportunity to learn and grow.


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