Training Fitness Training – What is meant by training?

Everyone is talking about training these days, but what does that mean? Is not that what the bosses do? Well, it might be, but today, football leaders seem to be in separate defense coaches, walking coaches and so on, so that not a useful comparison. Perhaps you have seen the coach on the TV during the day or read a training session, self-help book. It may be useful to define it from life training, but in a business context we rarely have time or knowledge to resort to personal, lifestyle issues. Becoming a manager as coaches need to use training in a very different context.

Before we can start training, we must have a clear understanding of exactly what training is, but it is harder than it may seem. Training is a growing area of ​​human development (HRD), it is based on a very diverse influence from psychology in sports and is constantly evolving. We must build a job definition that helps you to recognize exactly what training is and what it is not and shows how you can receive training in the current set of management skills.

I will not invite you to discard what you already know about people's management but I hope to offer ideas and technology that give you fresh potential and new ideas when things seem difficult or difficult. Even I hope to show you how to take your team to new heights by saying one of my students:

"I've been training because I've taught them all I know, but I know that they are still capable of more. "

Training Defined

The little Collins English dictionary defines the verb as a coach as" to guide with private instruction, guide and train, to act as a coach ". This is too loose definition to be useful and contaminated by references to training and teaching that can be confusing as we see later.

Let's turn to some well-known writers in the training area for their views:

"Unlocking People's Options to Maximize Their Performance." John Whitmore

From this definition, we can see that training is an activity designed to improve the performance of others. A comparison can be made to home sports where coaches try to get the best out of their squad without being really in the field of play. In a modern organization, training must also include changing working conditions in learning opportunities as it is increasingly regarded as an important part of what it is going to control.

"The individual's development and ability to improve their career, which hopefully leads to organizational goals. It aims to achieve success and progress in the workplace, even if it affects the individual, especially in life Jessica Jarvis

Some definitions indicate that training is purely support and guidance for individuals to enable them to apply existing skills effectively and then improve their career at work, but most include a learning theme by suggesting that training aims at increasing people's performance and learning ability at the same time. Some definitions draw attention to technologies such as the motivation, effective question and deliberate match of our management style with the trainer (individual skilled) willingness to conduct a particular task. We can conclude that training is based on helping coachees help themselves, but that they do not rely on one-sided flow to say and guide.

It seems that training is a way to increase the system and performance of people in the workplace by emphasizing work-related tasks or experiences that will provide appropriate learning opportunities and ensure that this study is available to them later. It is about performing and learning.

In the case of the study program, training is very different from teaching or teaching. The coach encourages people to learn for themselves; The coach usually takes the backside & # 39; role, but still being able to provide guidance and help when people really need it. Coaches help their teams to review their experience regularly so that they understand what has been learned.

It does not seem to be a commonly recognized term term training and, as described below, when it comes to other ways of developing people, the exact definition is more difficult.

Although the formation of the many definitions out there are identified three factors that can determine job analysis for further investigation:

Coach and coach establish a relationship based on trust that will improve coach performance at work

Training that will be a process that Focused on Training, Focus on Performance

Training is a learned skill and an important part of the management role of these times.


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