Use confirmation for positive change

Verifications are one of the most popular personal development tools, but they can also be one of the most effective, simply because most people are not shown the correct way to use them. One of the most common misunderstandings of confirmation is that they act as "magical incantations" that will change your life. Want to earn more money? Express confirmation that you are a millionaire and * poof! * You are rich.

Truly the purpose of confirmation

Believe it or not, the words in confirmation do not have the power to change anything in your life. As I said, confirmations are not stunning incantations, and you may be surprised to learn that the purpose of confirmation is NOT to change anything beyond yourself.

Yes, your ultimate goal is to create better conditions in one or more areas of your life, but that's not the first thing to happen. Instead, the true goal of confirmation is to change how you feel about a particular topic. When you feel different about something, you start thinking and believing differently. And when you think, feel and believe differently, you will take different actions – and there before you change the results you get.

Many people do not understand the importance of this idea, so they create confirmation that focuses on external situations rather than how they feel. Therefore, they do not change their views, their actions do not change and their circumstances do not change either. With that in mind, think back to these examples of confirmation that I just shared. Do those that make you feel different about money, health or relationships? More likely you do not feel much about anything when you read them. That's because they do not prevent what you really want, which is different from that part of your life.

Take a moment now and write a few key words about how you want to feel about the main areas of your life:
Health and wellness
Overall Quality of Life

] Do you enjoy more peace, happiness, security, freedom, fun, passion, ease or meaning? If you could create something you wanted in these areas, what would you create? What is important to you? What negative practices and attributes do you want to release?

Create Successful Confirmation

Now that you have a better idea of ​​your goal of key aspects of your life, it's time to investigate just what makes a positive impact. Read the following confirmation and check how it allows you to:

I achieve my goals easily and quickly.

If you're like most, you probably feel some resistance to that statement. Most of us do not achieve goals easily or quickly – often it's a long, difficult trip to succeed. Even if you have not experienced a sense of confirmation, you may have found detached or inappropriate when you read it, as it has no effect on you.

Based on the ideas we've discussed so far, would you say this is an effective confirmation? Perhaps if you had experience in achieving goals quickly and easily, they could be open for such confirmation. but for the majority of the "average" people the answer was no. What about this other wording:

I'm able to reach my goals easily and quickly.

Who feels better, is not it? You do not say that you always achieve your goals easily and quickly, but you are confirming that you are at least able to do that. This confirmation may seem a bit better, but it is still possible to improve.

I'm happy to reach my goals easily and quickly.

One who feels better; a little more suggestion and motivation, right? Perhaps it's even a little hope that you can achieve your goals quickly and easily? What about this:

I'm ready to reach my goals easily and quickly.

Notice one important role about these examples – all I'm doing is putting emotionally charged words into initial confirmation! Armed, Intensive, Ready … These words simply awaken your feelings so the statement allows you to feel better about the goal.

Do you think the feeling better about your goals will increase your fitness and determination? Do you feel willing and willing to continue could encourage increased focus and persistent efforts over time? Absolutely!

Remember that the true power of confirmation is that it makes you emotionally different, generates better faith and takes productive action. Now you can see how it works in our examples.
Next, we'll review exactly what you should take when you write your own strong confirmation:

Step One: Know the Goal
First, you need to be very clear about what you want. Not external goals; but the inner goal of how you want to feel. Emphasize the essence of the feeling you are aiming for. For example, you want to feel safe, strong, powerful, happy, enlightened, free, inspired, beloved, proud, confident and so on.

If you were creating a confirmation to help you lose weight, your goal would probably be to be proud of your body, light, happy, safe or inadequate. Ideally, you must focus on just one kernel of confirmation rather than trying to complete a lot of different goals in one.

Suppose your main goal is to receive feelings of self-esteem and start to love your body. The essence you are going to is self-determination. You might call it other names, but it actually comes to being able to accept your body rather than hate it.

Step Two: Lay the Foundations
Make the basic decision, which is simply the new "truth" you want to experience. Using the weight rating above could be your new confirmation:

I totally love and accept my body.

But remember, if you do not feel so good about your body, this statement is to cater to a strong sense of resistance, unbelief and even anger. You just do not believe it's true because it's not true (yet). It's okay – we just lay the foundation before we move on to the next step.

Step Three: Let Your Edges Be
Now your confirmation is not emotional – you get just some unpleasant thoughts and feelings and nothing to change your mind about your body. However, there are many ways to "soften" it a bit and make it feel better. For example, add the word "select".

I love to love and receive my body.

Adding that little word did not help? But some people could still fight for confirmation, even in a changed form. How to add "ok":

It's ok to love and accept my body.

Ah, that's better! You do not say you love and accept your body; just that it's okay to do it. Even if we're in the main goal, you can still get a better understanding of your body, right?

If you were reviewing this leave regularly for a few days, think you would start to feel more approve of your body? Probably so!

Another way to soften coarse edges is to add "will" elements:

I'm happy to love and accept my body.

If you continue to be a little too amazing, you can add "learn":

I'm ready to learn to love and receive my body. (Egypt)

I am learning how to love and receive my body.

Softening on the edge just means choosing words that are slightly relaxed so you can easily believe the term. Most of this is a temporary issue because after a softer version for a few days in a few weeks you will be able to get a stronger version.

For example, "it's okay to love and accept my body" can easily lead me to love and accept my body "and then straight to" I love and accept my body completely. "This is an effective way to gradually improve your attitude and feelings about any subject.

Conclusion: Use Confirmation with Care

I often refer to confirmation as" tools "because they can transform your life alike and some other development methods can. But like any energy device, they must use the right to achieve the desired results. Use them incorrectly and you could end up with results that you do not want or want – or worse, results that annoy you more than your original circumstances do.

One of the most important things about authentication is that they can be modified and customized to fit their own goals. If the examples I used in this guide do not match you, continue to finish them until they do it.

Remember that true power of authentication lies in how it allows you to feel. If you can find you in a positive direction when you say confirmation, even if there is a slight change, you're on the right track!

Even better, your master of using confirmation will continue to grow the more you work with them. You'll be able to "find" when authentication is right for you and make sure your confirmation is correct, as this will allow you to make less effort than achieve good results.

Indeed, your confirmation will continue to grow and evolve with you. The more you work for your personal and professional interest rates and the more you get over your self-esteem, the less you need to do the "structure" technology that we described at the beginning of this guide. You simply will not feel the need to "soften" your verifications to make them credible. Instead, you can easily continue to open big goals and believe that they are possible for you.

When your initial confirmations begin to come true, be sure to keep expanding them to grow bigger and better! Do not accept only "good" results – continue to be successful in all areas of your life. Make a long list of everything you want to achieve, and then constantly and accurately change how you think about those areas of your life.

When you change your thoughts, opinions, feelings and actions for the better – the circumstances of your life will also change for the better. Once you understand the reliability of these methods, you should feel yourself very motivated and inspired because it means almost ALL is possible for you.

Every goal is achieved in the same way; step by step.


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