Value of Confirmation

Confirmations are nothing but mantra or sentences we continue to repeat and continue until we begin to control our thoughts. As you know, it's your mind that determines your life. Now, before you go for a shocking state of affairs, know that you can control our thinking by constantly remembering yourself that it will be better.

This is how you use confirmation: Depending on the condition or mindset, you have the appropriate confirmation and continue to repeat it until the acidic feeling is gone or your mind feels in another direction.

At this point, there is no need to imagine something else, like pretending to be better, because your minds nevertheless believe it. You wanted to waste your time.

Here is a short list of some confirmations that have worked for me for different situations. I have noticed these confirmations over the years: some come from church, others from books, others from other people and so on.

The good thing about them is that there is no need to know who came up with different ones as long as you show grateful intentions for them. That will suffice, immensely.

Also, remember that many who are spiritual in nature declare God's name. If you have any problems with it, replace God or Lord for the universe, the spirit or whatever you feel better.

Remember that verification works best if they are identified in positive, though some that appear in a negative job as well.

1. Therefore, when you lose something: "I always find everything I have with divine right."

2. Therefore when you're late: "It's time for everything."

3. Therefore, when you are sure of the future: "There is nothing to fear, because no power is to hurt."

4. Therefore, when you are worried about a meeting, trip or something that requires movement: "The Lord is facing me, making it my easy and effective way." Or "I'm gonna meet my good."

5. Therefore, when you need a cure: "I'm well, healthy and balanced," or "Make health in my mind and body."

What did you do if you confirm your confirmation and your mind says, "Oh, yes, really? Who are you kidding?" To pacify your mind, add the following words: "I'm in progress" I'm going to, "" This will happen soon. "

Do a little if you feel like it. Have fun to realize how well they work.


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