Recently, when I read Zig Ziglar again The positive childhood experiences in a negative world I was reminded that our school teachers had heard eight negative comments for all the confirmation they receive. It's sad, because we get a positive response helps us all to do better.

This may be the only reason why performance and test results are often better for home-educated children than children in public schools. Homeschooling children get confirmation all day!

If you have visited a public school, you have probably found that classes are indivisible. Teachers raise their voice and verbally discipline students often much more than they educate or instruct. Since more and more students have been diagnosed with ADHD, it must be extremely difficult for them to filter a mess. It must lead to their behavior being less than desired and the cycle continues. As they can not concentrate, they work out and more chaos results. And it just makes the teachers raise their voices too.

Zig Ziglar also says it is twice a day when we are receptive to humans for positive comments about ourselves – the first thing this morning and the last thing in the evening.

Think about this. Most families – no matter where the children are in the public education system, in private schools or at home school – find out that their early morning is an absolute mess. Breakfast, if it is one, is often eaten and eaten as adults and children run out the door.

Imagine what difference it could make in our lives and the lives of our children if we only wait a few minutes earlier every day so that we could spend time in meditation before the day went by. We would definitely start a peaceful trip if we did.

And what if we worked to make our children peacefull from the beginning by being a organizer?

What if we did point out to offer confirmation for each family member when the day began? It can help them survive the chaos of the day.

Having busy children does not make them happier or better. Indeed, it's probably more stressful than they need. How many children really need to be in all sports in each season? How many people need to take four types of Danish lessons? Perhaps some of these activities could cut their plans into favor or family time.

Family meals were a great way for families to keep in touch and have family discussions. It was also a great way for the kids to learn to respect the wisdom of parents. With everything we find about how unhealthy fast food is, home-grown meals are probably better for our families anyway. What if we tried to have at least three or four evenings with family meals and family discussions?

Children were lying in bed with a story book, sometimes a song or two, and a prayer. Should not our children get at least some of it? Remember that confirmations given at the beginning and end of each day are meritorious and credible.


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