One thing I realized about the confirmation is how important you tell them. For example, I used to confirm one of my confirmations with the words "I'm Rich". It's great because I knew somewhere I was rich and all I had to do was find a way to show this riches already. The force was during that period when I said "I'm rich" and looked around me, I not only believed it, but I also said "I'm rich and my life as it was now a representative to be rich!" Unbelievable ! That meant I did not have to get richer because with the money I had already — I confirm and I was thinking it — I was rich!

So if what I had shown "rich" then why try to reach? At least, that's how the mind responds to that statement and with the power of consciousness that life always looks; have enough, but then nothing more. The training I received to correct this situation was to make sure it was as if I wish they were, regardless of how they actually were. But I've always felt that there should be a better way to describe my desire than this "fake it until you do it" technology. Appeared, it is! What was more powerful as a way to succeed I really wanted was to tell the truth. These truths sounded something like, "I'm getting richer and richer every day!" By taking the energy of my words on this precise path, my extraordinary property was what I confirmed and I certainly always knew around me and believed that this was not only possible but that increase was already happening! And best of all this confirmation is that it even works today!

One other aspect of how we talk about things is how we express things! In other words, if you say Passion Passion, the results will appear more like the results you would expect from someone who does what brings them. Think about it. You have, as we have all had, these relationships because we do not just take a lot of them. What did they think of? How was this for you? I can only speak for myself, but it was not much inspiration for me to have such communication in the past. But those I was passionate about? They have always worked out, even with my friendship. Energy in power out.

So you say your statements are only one part of an important and successful process. To me, being passionate about it has to go beyond what I'm labeled as "my harm of trouble", this fact where I usually quit like a wall and then back down from my dreams as soon as I feel embarrassed. What I need is to allow me simply to have these feelings without adding any meaning to them, and then go through them so that all kinds of miracles flow from the confirmation process. There is always a feeling for someone, it does not matter what it is. What I realized about all this was what it meant to be embarrassing. What it meant was that I was embarrassing! Nothing more, nothing less. Having realized this truth, and then going through this one-time fixed wall called "I'm not going to be here for my embarrassing," I could use my confirmation better.

Words are ways, ways to accomplish things, because words form thoughts and thoughts creating things. When you choose your confirmation, it's so important to choose not only those who respond to your goals and feelings as they are now, but also make sure you use exactly where you want to go. It is important to use only practices that have been carefully designed for maximum strength with these effective principles of verification process in mind. As long as each one has been applied, tested and tried to work well, you start well. And after the decision is taken, even if they work well, as Ferrari rests, someone needs to gas it up, adjust it and then get in and drive! This driving in our lives stands for us. Our feelings, our thoughts, and so our words all have certain power. When we confirm these three parts of ourselves in an effective manner and in accordance with what we want to show in our lives, this time is when we are at the peak. Maximum power means the maximum ability to choose, and it is in choosing it absolutely, we will find our true power. What to choose, then the question will be. It is the goal to set goals and plan ways to achieve them. Once done, you can then effectively choose the verification that you use as a way to get you to your destination. To be in the driver's seat, when Ferrari was launched, he launched and moved. Now it's right!


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