Verifications – Ancient prayers and confirmation for a great life

Make regular prayers and confirmation for a great life … do they work or are they just a thought? If you are reading this article, you will clearly know the power of your own confirmation. In this article, I will show you how to change your prayers in real life and how your verifications can be realized!

Let's start with the same feet – we all want a lot of life. While abundance can mean different things to different people, we all want it … be it health, wealth, relationships, wisdom and so on and so on. Here is the gospel – it has been done before.

The fastest way to succeed is NOT trying everything yourself – but finding someone who has already done it and copying what he or she did.

There are many books so old that they are almost ancient but still so important to the world we live in today. Napoleon Hill first wrote a 16-part series of books called "Law of Success" before it became firm in the book "Think and grow rich". In it he describes daily confirmation and prayer in a great life.

In section 2 entitled "Desire", he describes 6 steps, where desire can be transferred to its financial equivalence (but can also be used for other confirmation). Here's it:

  1. Fix your mind exactly what you want, be as clear and clear as possible
  2. Decide what you want to give in exchange for it (not like something for anything!)
  3. Make clear date or time limit for achieving it.
  4. Plan it and start working on it – Even if you're not ready – to put the program into practice.
  5. Write a statement of what you want to achieve, what is your purpose of achieving the goal, set your time goals and clearly describe the plan.
  6. Read your statement ALOUD twice a day – when you wake up and just before going to bed. As you read, look, find and believe that you already belong.

What is the key to doing all this work? It's action !

When you begin to take action and continue with it, you can truly apply your prayers and confirmations for a great life from desires to reality!


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