Verifications – do they really work?

A few years ago, you could not get me to make a confirmation to save my soul. The irony is; Now I do all the time to save my soul! And guess what? They work and when they are done intentionally – with heart and consistency they do miracles.

When I first introduced the concept of confirmation, I found that I could not overcome the need to say something I knew in my heart was not true, much less to have to repeat it. I felt lying. For me confirmations sorted right up there with platitudes. "Do not worry Be happy." Right. I'm entitled to it.

But one day I was listening to the Esther and Jerry Hicks attraction band and something was clicked on me. I started seeing confirmation as a way to end. I began to see merit in the premise of confirmation; that is, thinking about the position of being there rather than the desire to get there. Ahh! Now, confirmation is sensible. To say, "I'm happy," does not have to be about what I'm putting now, but it can very much be about what I'm going to have. It's like creating the line-up that your experience will begin to fill in so that what you confirm will be your reality.

There is a fine line between wishing you to be something and knowing that you are something and this fine line will make all the difference to your success. To make your dreams come true requires visualization and confirmation of your ideal. It requires you to be already what you desire to be. As this skill grows within you, as you continue with this assumption until it becomes your current passion, the manifestation of your desire is inevitable. It's important to know that your success does not come from washing for something to be true … but from being what you're going for; since you're already there. Your task is to focus only on the outcome and do not worry about how it will occur.

Any progress towards publication depends on your ability to use the assumption with increasing frequency and concentration, to see and find yourself from that position – heart, mind and soul – using visual and confirmation. You actually do your ability to spread the current fact with the power of assuming visualization and by changing your self-esteem about who and what you are. Initially, you may feel, but the rest of you will catch the idea until it is no longer a wish or a prelude but your expectation.

So the first step in finding what you want to be is defining where you want to be! One of my favorite confirmations is this, "I live happily ever after!" That's it. And that's really what we want out of life at a glance, is not it? How I get there, and when I get there, is the job of Energy. I certainly do not want to order the details from my limited point of view. My focus is just about to be there and that means life just has to be incorporated into it. What matters, however, is that your thoughts happily leave you happy now.

Sometimes you have to get around with a character for a while. If I have the middle range on an emotional scale, I have to start with something like, "Would not it be good if I could live happily sometime? Would not it be nice if I could only be happy?" By doing this, I actually set the scale so that it's full blown, in the vertebra, "I'm always happy!" It's exciting to actually know how the story is going to end. Have read the last page first, you can just sit down and enjoy the story.


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