Verifications – Science is why they work

Twentieth century scientists had an experience of discovery with regard to mind and brain. The brain we had as a child is not the brain we are stuck with. Chemistry and relationships in our minds can change. With free will, our mind can accept new thoughts and create new reality.

The Brain

The same ingredients that make up the liver also make up the mind we have thought of. The man is conscious thinking. The computer I'm entering can take input and output, but it's not clear that it's done. The man is aware. He can perceive and work.

Our whole is through material. Neurons (cells) are linked with axons and dendrites. The axons cover other cells to spread information and dendrites get information from those cells.

These chemical connections are formed as we go through experience. Try to move your right tune, and just your right icon. Can you do that? Most likely, you can not move your right icon without moving your toes in the immediate vicinity. This is because your mind has mapped these areas of your feet together. With repetition in progress, your mind connects your toes as monotonically linked to the nerve cells.

Experience creates relationships in our minds and repetition strengthens these connections. For visual analogue, think about a car that has gone down the dirt road as often as it has made permanent logs. The plots force the car to travel to this place on the road every time it is available. This is the basis for the formation of irregularities. Our feelings are fooled in our minds with our experience of life.

As children, our parents, our environment, our school, the movements we did, all that created our physiology of our brains. Therefore, many of our practices and attitudes can be traced back to our childhood. The next logical question is, "Can I change the physical connections of my mind to change my habits, behavior, and life?" Fortunately, the answer is yes.


Scientists were surprised when they discovered that the hearts of amputees were rewired based on absent limbs. When the brain of Victor Quintero was examined, the idea of ​​vaginal injury was hidden. Quintero lost his left arm at the age of 17 in a car accident. When scientists turned a cotton swab in front of Quintero's left cheek, he not only felt a move on his cheek but also his missing hand. His brain had rewired real estate spent on his left hand to his left cheek, called Cortical remapping.

This phenomenon has also been observed in breast cancer patients. Sulfur disease occurs when hand movements are repeated over and over again, as would have been a concert of musicians. When they practice repeatedly fast-moving music tracks for a while, their brains begin to spin and combine the signals received from each individual finger. The mind looks like the numbers as one. Focusing on dystonium, you lose a chance of moving your fingers. Just as we can not carry our big train independently, people with dazzled dystonia can not move one finger without moving others. This is a devastating analysis for someone who has devoted his life to music. The treatment? To rebuild your brain by forcing individual fingers motion. Just as the mind saw two fingers like one, you can teach a mind to see your fingers again.

Change Your Life

The experience in life is largely determined by individual attitudes. As we have seen through the above examples, it creates constant repetition and reinforced connectivity in the brain. For example, if you were told, over and over again, you were a poor host physically created in your mind to restore the faith of being poor. You have practices that support these attitudes and the consequences of being poor.

However, like the musicians with the focus manually, we can turn to our brain, the actual physical connection in the brain, by presenting and repeating a new life that confirms faith. Confirmation repeats consistently, can create new nervous connections that, in a very real physical sense, change our physiology and support new practices and behaviors that can change life.

We do not have the brains of our youth. Our honesty, not just our thoughts or thoughts, but our actual physical brain are in flux and respond to our environment and perceptual percentage consistently. This is where we get our minds.


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