Verifications – Speak the truth

Why active confirmation?

When you say or write confirmation, you are managing words. Verifications work when done or written because they create a pure mental image of what you want in your creative mind.

How do you create the best confirmation for you?

Verifications must make you feel good when reading or telling them. They need to resist the emotions you would find if you have already achieved the goal. The stronger the feeling, the faster your goal will appear in your world. If you write or say confirmation for a few days, and you do not feel comfortable, change it. Write new for a few days and see how it feels. You get it right and when you do, you will know it because you will feel good when you write it. Trust yourself.

Let's see how you can make your confirmation more effective. Which of the following confirmations do you like?

1. "I want to be rich."
2. "I want to be self-rich."
3. "I'm making more than four thousand dollars a month."
4. "I do not want to be fat."
5. "I do not work in the libraries anymore."
6. "I'll take care of my 10 girl."
7. "I want to make $ 7500 per monthly fee."
8. "I feel so sexy in my luxury size 5 black velvet trousers."

Let's evaluate –
1. "I want to be rich."

No, that's not a good confirmation. What does rich mean? The word rich is so vague and means so many different things to so many different people there's nothing about it. You'll never get there if this is what you say yourself because your creative mind, this mind related to what you desire and create your destiny does not know what rich means. What particular or specific amounts to wealthy for you?

2. "I want to be self-rich."
NO-This is not a good confirmation. This is a similar problem as in number 1. What is self-rich? It's as unclear as It may be. In order to answer this, you must decide specifically what amount of money or any particular situation would indicate that you are self-rich? little problem Already with this confirmation, the word "will." When you say want, you will always want it to be never reached in the present.

3. "I'm making more than four thousand dollars a month."
No-not good. More than four thousand dollars a month are either certain or certain. How much more than four thousand? If you do not know, you will never get it, because if you do not know, your wrist is blurred. You'll always miss because you do not know exactly what you're going to do. Determine the number you really want.

4. "I'm not fat."
No-Not good confirmation. Here we have three big problems. First, is there a negative word in this statement? Negative words like not, can not, no, and are not recognized by your creative mind. That means your goal, "I'm not fat", is heard by your creative mind as "I'm fat".

And then the problem is how close? Time to be determined! What about, "I look and feel exquisite slim at the current weight of less 130 pounds."

Another problem here is that what you do not want (fat) is used to describe the goal. Why would you like your mind to access the term fat, anyway? You want your access to slim or slim. Emphasize what you want – not what you want.

It's like "do not spill the milk." What do you think of – pouring the milk, of course. You might say, "Be careful," and the mind would have access to being careful.

5. "I do not work in the libraries anymore."
No-not good confirmation. That's a negative word again. What would happen if you used this as a goal? You would work a lifetime in the collections of the department and never get out. Your creative mind would hear, "I'm working in the field of collections," because it would not admit a negative word. And what about getting specific about what you want – not what you do not want. "I like to work in the Entrance Division," would be a great way to focus on what you want.

6. "I'm going to fit my studio 10 pink clothes."
No-not so good. The goals must be stated in the present. I'm going to point out something that's going to happen in the future but is not happening right now, so you're always aiming to be in the future. The chances of achieving this in modern times are slim. A better way to say this would be in the modern age, "I easily fit the size 10 pink clothes" or "I like to wear my pink clothes."

7. "My commission will equal my mortgage."

NO-this confirmation did not work well for the one who wrote and said it.

Be careful what you ask for. Creative mind is not a court and what

You say is what you get! Unfortunately, interest rates fell, she

refinanced her house, her mortgage fell and her commission

followed! They went down. She got what she asked for!

8. "I like a sexy and voluptuous wearing luxury size 5 black nice pants."
Yes! – Highly validated. & # 39; I feel & # 39; is indeed in modern times. Always tell your goals now. "I have my black black pants," is another way to make confirmation in the modern times.

You want to be so specific that you know not only what it looks like, you must know how it feels. Using relevant ads is a great benefit to creating a feeling you want. You will be able to access a sense of how it would feel if it had already been completed. You should know the colors of a certain main goal – how it sounds, how it smells – and all this will lead to effective confirmation that deliberately includes what it confirms.

Let's look at the feeling behind the goal: "I'm so sexy in my size 5 luxurious black velvet pants." In my mind, I'm in my smooth 5 pants. I see a beautiful luxury velvet material and how they fit into my five body so perfectly. see and find the black shimmer pants. I hear a daughter say, "Wow, mom, you look really good in these black pants, tonight!" If I want, I can do it emotionally by connecting a smell to it. Maybe I'm in a Chinese restaurant in my gorgeous sexy outfit and I smell Chinese food. Now I can really feel the feel of how it feels like being in the smooth velvet pants feel sexy. Nothing blurred about it! It's an eye that I can not miss. (By the way, do not be surprised if I finish a Chinese restaurant the first time I wear them sexy size five black velvet pants.)

Check all confirmations against this

2. Must Be Specific
3. Must Be Positive.
4. Must be in modern times.
5. Must Establish Intense Feelings
6. Write Your Confirmation (Do not Print)

Your consciousness gives intentions about your creative mind. Your creative mind is not thinking-it just takes orders. Your creative mind takes these orders literally so it's important that you provide correct, clear, specific, emotionally prominent orders. Your creative mind knows no limits other than what you put on it. It just obeys. By following all six steps in confirmation, your creative mind can go to work and create what you have programmed to create it.

Manuscript – Do not Print

John G. Kappas, PhD, explains in his book, SUCCESS IS NOT A ACCIDENT, that the manuscript (manuscript, not printing) is known as the subconscious default answer. He explains that you are not only writing the information, you are also viewing it on paper and editing your internal programming. The information you write goes straight to the brain through the central nervous system. The script covers the conscious mind and the imaginary ideas that you want to use to change your life directly into the subconscious mind. Whatever you write consciously becomes a known fact. You simultaneously influence the logic of the left side and the feelings of the right brain.

When writing your confirmation, it is important that numbers and dollars are handwritten, rather than in numbers. Instead of $ 900.00, you should write out nine hundred dollars.

I remember watching television on Sister Michael Jackson. They laughed when they said how funny Michael was when he was a young boy. He would take bright colored pens and write the mirror in his bedroom wardrobe. He would write certain statements, unrealistic statements about selling millions of records and making millions of dollars – unrealistic to them, anyway. Not unrealistic for Michael because he himself thought it, put it in a handwriting, put it as he could see it constantly and as it usually happens when you confirm that way it constantly appears in the world. His siblings are still laughing while enjoying the fruits he confirmed!

Before Jim Carrey was famous or even known, he wrote himself for an amazingly three million dollars. However, this view of several million dollars was not incredible for him. He carried this opinion in his wallet; looked at it often and felt feelings he would feel when he would get the amount to work in the future. He did this with consciousness and repeatedly. It is not surprising that he received a precise amount of money from a studio to work in one of his first films.

It's something nobody else is sharing with you and it's about time it came out! There is no doubt that the confirmation is powerful. If you do not use the attraction in all three areas of the energy field, you'll give the universe a mixed message and is probably stuck on your path to success.

Here's the SIMPLE SECRET in a lifetime happiness! You must use the law of attraction in all 3 critical areas of the energy field. I call it the WOW factor.

Within you: Establishing a law of attraction to work in your thoughts, feelings, words, confirmations and angles can make great changes quickly in your life and your self-esteem. When you change how you think about things, what you think about change.
About You: When you wear to fit your personal energy, you will enjoy increased profits, strengthen relationships and find more energy. Wear so that the colors, fabrics and clothing you wear have vibrations that match your personal energy.
What's About You: The flow of energy that surrounds you affects you very much in achieving your goals or closing your dreams. You are living, breathing, energy, and your environment is part of that field.

To make it simple, like attraction like. You can learn to keep the vision and incorporate the practices that allow you to continuously radiate energy from all three areas of the energy area – and the gospel is fun. Learning to do this is the most exciting adventure you will ever take.

Verifications – Do you know how to make the best confirmation for yourself? Are you sure you do not sabotage yourself by organizing them? Do you know that you have to write, do not print them? Learn the rules and watch them work!


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