Verifications that work

Today I want to share ideas about something called the Law of Attraction. It was a lot of talk about the secret; and millions of successful people around the world know and use the Law of Attraction to create the desired results.

The law of attraction is in fact the principle of the universe, similar to gravity. Gravity happens whether you believe it or not – if you throw something in the air, it goes down because of gravity. The attraction of attraction is to attract you as you think – if you are constantly thinking of negative things, you must attract less in your life. On the other hand, if your thoughts are mostly positive – you will experience positive situations and more good opportunities will introduce you to you. You attract similar things.

It is said that you can use positive confirmation to help attract the type of things in your life that you want and experience. It's important that your confirmation is credible to you and that you say it in modern times. In other words – you must speak as they have already done so that they can work.

If you want to become debt-free and millionaire, it's not good to tell yourself: "I'm going to be a debt-free millionaire." What will happen is as long as you say you are "being" debtless and millionaire, you will simply be on its way to the point. You'll never get there because you're just "going to be" it.

Instead, your confirmation needs to focus on what you want, as it has already occurred in your life. You say, "I'm a debtor millionaire", as many times a day as you can, as many days as you can, until it became true. The trick is you believe it. As you believe, you are on the radio and send out vibrations in the universe that will attract conditions that are at the same wavelength. Opportunities will start to inform you that you can then take action and become one step closer to your goals.

If you find it hard to believe your confirmation, you may need to start with talent. In other words, if you say "I'm a debt-free millionaire" when you're thousands of dollars in non-asset debt, it's not convincing for you; start with something like "I'm now ready to accept that I am currently working on becoming a debt-free millionaire." It's a long time, but if you feel better to say that, it's important because the law of attraction works on your feelings.


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