Verifications: The Power of Positive Thinking

Our thoughts are magnetic – they draw us what we think. Positive thinking creates positive results. Negative thoughts attract negative experiences and hold us tight. Many of our fearsome-based beliefs came from the decisions we made of our experience. For example, if you are guilty of something you did, you may decide that you are bad and you do not deserve to be prosperous.

In order to continue in your life and enjoy more love, health and abundance it is necessary to issue negative careless thoughts and replace them with positive ones. These are called confirmation.

You can easily change any negative thoughts in a positive way. Listen to your daily thoughts and conversations. Whenever you hear negative, say, "quit" or imagine you delete it. You can also imagine that you burn it away with a beam of radiation or whatever the image works for you. Therefore, change it positively. After a while, you start doing it automatically.

You can also become aware of your negative thoughts by making a list of them. Write on top of paper, I'm afraid to ______ and fill in blank with any negative thoughts that come to mind. Choose one, and change it with a positive thought. Begin with the word, "me," by your name and the new thought.

For example: Negative thinking or fear, I'm afraid I do not understand money, can be changed, I, (your name), reserves a lot of money.

Since many of our thoughts come from comments we hear from others, it's useful to also locate "You" and "She" for "I." For example, you, (your name), deserve a lot of money. And, she, (your name), describes a lot of money.

It's important to be honest with yourself and feel right where you are at the moment. Therefore, if you are having difficulty agreeing to your confirmation, you can add a few words to make it credible. Example: I, (your name), have begun to believe I'm giving money. After some time, you're likely to change it, I (your name) start to believe I'm making a lot of money. And finally: I, (your name), deserve a lot of money.

If you still do not believe the new confirmation, write your negative thinking on paper. Then follow the word "due" and state the reasons.

For example, I (your name) do not deserve money because:

1. I stumped a dollar from my father when I was a child.

2: I do not know how to handle money.

3. I'm afraid it will make me avid for more.

4. I'm worthless.
Now write on one page confirmation for each negative religion.

Number l: I, (your name), forgive me to take a dollar from my father when I was a child.
Number 2: I, (your name), start to believe that I know how to handle money.

Number 3: I, (your name), believe that I can get money and be generous.

Number 4: I, your name, is a worthy person.

Now throw away negative thoughts and say positive.

If you are still not convinced, you can do the following exercise. Write the confirmation on the left hand side of the paper and your feelings on the right. Keep doing this until you are finally ready to accept your confirmation. For example:

I, (your name), deserve money. No, I will not.

I, (your name), deserve money. Glætan!

I, (your name), deserve money. Why?

I, (your name), deserve money. Why not?

I, (your name), deserve money. Well, maybe.

I, (your name), deserve money. Well, maybe little.

I, (your name), deserve money. Yes, I deserve money.

If this does not help, and you find yourself growing incrementally more negative, you will probably have to go a little deeper. Sometimes another negative thought is what you've been working on. For example, after I do not understand money, it may be the belief that money is evil. Possible confirmation is: "I (your name) are beginning to believe that the money is one way I trust and others."

If you were unable to find any other negative thoughts, ask yourself what you are doing in faith, I do not deserve money. Probably you are safe. The confirmation can be: I, (your name), have a lot of money and I'm safe.

Here are some recommendations when you confirm your confirmation:

o Keep them short.

o Use only positive words. Instead of, "I'm not bad," say I'm good. "

o Keep in the present. Avoid statements like" I will "or" I hope. "Instead, say," I am. "

o Just focus on a few confirmations at once. [19659002] o Tell your confirmations many times with a sense (as it happens when in your life), take them back and play them again, or sing them aloud Repeat is important, so revise them until they become part of your automated thinking.

o Write a card confirmation and put it where you will see it often.

For example: Refrigerator, bathroom mirror, bedside or desktop.

When you choose to be aware of what you think and say, remove negative thoughts and divide them with positive, you'll have the power to pull you easily to what you want. You deserve love, health, happiness and success in all areas of your life. for it!

Copyright 2006 by Helene Rothschild


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