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About four years ago, due to several challenging personal circumstances, I ended up reading some self-help books that helped me concentrate on my mind. Indeed, throughout 2004, I became aware that I have the power to control my thoughts. Thoughts affect my daily experience, so I quickly learned to promote positive thoughts along with thoughts of compassion and kindness.

Sometimes I found myself experiencing new people, places and opportunities. Is this something science can prove? Was it just a coincidence? I do not think so. If we think of positive thoughts, people and experiences who also share this positive energy will become part of us and our daily experiences. If we think of negative issues, negative people and our experiences will be a lot. So, what is better, positive or negative thinking?

Obviously, positive thinking. For those who are new to your confirmation, I highly recommend writing the positive thought on paper or entering it into your mobile phone to access it when needed. This will keep you focused and move in that direction. In addition, I recommend that you write out steps or thoughts related to the confirmation and goal you are looking for. For example, you can write "I Forgive My Brother".

Next, write down "I forgive my brother because he faces a few challenging moments in his life, so it's wrong for me to judge him and not consider his personal challenges." Remember that the confirmation works best as you are able to get to the core of the case. Then you will experience spiritual clarity and true self-control when you achieve the goal you have set for yourself. Best wishes, Keith Johnson, MS Education, Author, "365 Great Affirmations"


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