Visualizations and Confirmation

If you could have a perfect day in your business, what would that day look like? When do you want to wake up and how would you feel? What would be the first thing you would do? How would the people you come into contact with act against you?

Every day you do business without visualizing how things can be you are losing money. Visualization is very important to your success. But what are they?

Have you ever been worried about something in detail? Always play it again and again in your mind and imagine how it will likely turn out? Well, you have experience of visual images. You see, worry and fear are visualizations in reverse. So if you can worry … you can visualize.

Setting goals is paramount in all transactions. You need to know what you are working on. But you must believe that these goals are possible for you or you will lack motivation to shoot for them. And in the target group … seeing is believing. You need to see it if you are going to believe it. And that's where the perspective comes in.

Visualization is an image that you have in your mind or the feeling that you have something about it. That's what makes something real to you. All in all, a trip to the Caribbean is good. But it's something else to form you lying on the beach, surrounded by white sand and a clear blue water. To get a picture so clear that you can almost taste Pina Colada! Now it's an incentive to take this trip! If you do it every day and go over it over and over again in your mind then you have to take this trip!

Visualization has faith in anything you want. Concern is to believe in things you do not want. Remember, if you see it, you can be.

Verifications are equally strong. Confirmation is something you write or say repeatedly and this can be either positive or negative. If you keep saying "I'll never be able to do that" then guess what? You will not. Usually what you say after the words "I am", "I can", "I will" will become true to you. Therefore, what you say after the words "I'm not", "I can not" or "I will not" also be true to you.

Then sit down and see your goals. Want a new car? Then find one you want. Look yourself on the chair. Maybe even try it. Make it real to you.

At the beginning of this article I asked what your perfect day in your business would be. A good exercise would be to sit down and spend the day. Since you get up in the morning until you go to sleep, what would this ideal day be? Put it in as much detail as possible. And read it every day. Show this perfect day for you.

Then write your goals and show them. Remember to always write in modern times, not the future. Do not say "I want a new car". Say "I have a new car". Write in positive, not negative. Say "I have more than enough" and not "I'm not broke"

Decide what your "ending" is. What do you need to achieve all your goals?

If you can decide what your goals are, take a look at that position and print your confirmation. I will not doubt you will achieve great results!


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