What are the confirmation

Close your eyes for a long time and watch your thoughts. Try it. According to a study, the average number of people has 55,000 thoughts a day or 38 thoughts per minute. So what were your 38 thoughts about? Were your thoughts running so fast that you could not deyter its meaning? If you try to keep your thoughts in silence with your eyes closed for a long time, you must find out how our thoughts reflect our inner beliefs. Any thought that you think is decoded in a word you say is confirmation.

Our reality is created by our faith; Attitudes are a thinking pattern we have developed since childhood. These attitudes make up our personality; Positive attitude becomes our strength, but the negative form our weaknesses. So self-development is all about changing our weaknesses in order to get a better life. You would probably have read a lot of self-help books and attended countless motivational training centers, but the disturbances are still barriers to growth. Why? Most of our learning experiences are made at a conscious level. There is still growth and change at this level, but some of our wrong thinking patterns are deeply separated. These flawed thoughts bought to release and brought positive positive thoughts.

When we integrate positive experiences like a duck takes water, that means we have made a positive deposit at our subconscious level. Of course speaking is a confirmation of support and we are constantly conscious of the thoughts and speeches that become our way of life at any moment. The subconscious uses the behaviors learned in the past to respond to and respond to everything that is happening every moment in our lives. If the foundation of our faith is flawed at an early stage (for example, "I'm not good enough"), problems would crop through life. The ability to be aware of our thoughts is not taught in schools when we were growing up. So, as long as we have not understood that the wrong attitude is the source of our problem, we wanted to be in great despair.

Just like how to restart your computer's central processing when you want to restart, you can reschedule your thinking patterns. Positive confirmation can replace an invalid view and create the reality you want. Positive confirmation is short statements that help to focus on your power and ability to create and have what you want. They appear in modern times when you repeat and say these confirmations, you must begin to create them as true to you. Instead of the false belief in the above example, confirm: "I accept and love myself for who I am now"; and "I give permission to be all I can".

Use your confirmation to open and raise your awareness of what you can have. Use them to align your wisdom and set the unlimited universe abundance. As you repeatedly say to yourself, you will create a positive and enriching reality in your life. To begin, you can write your own confirmation of small pieces of paper and gift them on the computer screen, car deck or bathroom mirror.


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