What is career counseling?

1. What is a career counselor?

A career counselor is an expert in working with people who want to improve their job satisfaction, change jobs or change their career. They are qualified in interview and counseling and have expertise in complex intellectual processes involved in making choices about work choices and how to maintain resilience. They are mature individuals, where the most effective trainers have experience in different caregivers themselves.

2. The coach will:

  • Try to find out your life / work value, your purpose in life, and analyze jobs that are consistent with this. The closer your job is to these important values, happier and happier you will feel.
  • Help you identify the jobs you are qualified for based on your abilities, education, personality and ambition. This can be detected by public discussion, testing and search results. The best coaches are very honest and want to tell you what you can notice and what limits are likely to be.
  • Assistance to clarify your long-term goals and help you create an action plan to accomplish them. This can take many meetings to complete.
  • Build your job search, help with application documentation and guide you to familiarize yourself with interviews with work.

3. The coach will not:

  • Make decisions for you. Research suggests that decisions made by individual people lead to much more personal satisfaction and incentives to continue with them. The goal of a coach is to help your decision making by helping you understand what your values ​​are, draw your attention to important subconscious minds that can repeatedly cause decision-making troubles and help you identify and overcome obstacles to achieving a goal that fulfills goals your life.
  • Give yourself a pep & # 39; talks or try to make it possible for you to do something. Career coaches are realistic professionals who will help you to strive for the best you can achieve, but do not try to make yourself someone you are not.

4. What specialized tools is a skilled trainer who can help me?

A trained coach can deliver computer technology or a question of food habits that can classify your personality style, potential career and / or workforce / weaknesses. These tools have been investigated to be accurate and appropriate.

5. How often do I need to see a coach?

On average, customers come in 3-4 meetings, but some find ongoing training is extremely valuable and desire to continue training with their coach for up to several years. At first there are weekly meetings in the first month, then you will spend two weeks or a month.


After training, you should have one or more of these results:

  1. Increasing Your Self-Knowledge and Policy
  2. Career Skills and Job Search
  3. Greater Careers in Careers
  4. Overall Improvement of Your Quality of Life
  5. ]

7. Should I see a coach?
Maybe. The decision of the question here is: Do you know what you want to do and how to get there? If so, do it yourself. If you are not sure which career needs to be taken, if you have a little idea of ​​how to get somewhere – talk to a coach and see what they can do for you.


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