When to use the "Meta-View" method of training

Sooner or later in the training process comes a time when the customer starts to ring or simply does not know what steps to take next. In such a situation, the method, called meta-view, is suitable and I think each coach should have it as part of their "toolbox".

"Meta-view" is a symbolic sight from "high above", whether from an airplane, helicopter, mountain slope or just a platform. When this method is used, the coach offers clients a better view of their circumstances and focuses on a "bigger picture" of their lives, but not obvious obstacles at the moment.

This exercise is very useful in any training process. First, it gives customers the opportunity to try something new. Secondly, customers can fully experience the benefits of training – because of this, the exercise is just what matters in the lives of each customer! (It's not common for people who have not gone through training to use a method like this in their daily lives!)

Third, customers can appreciate the work of their coach, who understands that now is the time to steer The clients away from their nitty-gritty everyday lives and focus on what really matters to them for a long time and what their real goals and desires are.

It's easy to get into heavy thoughts under the burden of daily life but the ability to soar over everything and see all connections that make our lives what it is and what can do it differently and better, it's a true benefit here. Above all, when the method is attempted in training, the customer can continue to use it later, when necessary.


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