Why Confirmation?

"A significant problem we face can not be solved with the same level of thinking that created them."

~ Albert Einstein.

This quote is true for the world and also for our own lives.

One question I get all the time is: "Why do you believe in confirmation?"

People often confess pictures of Stuart Smalley on Saturday Night Live and think that verifications are absurd or only for people in any recovery plan.

The truth is that affirmations are an extremely powerful tool that anyone can use to control the very important things – their thinking.

Businesses, governments, religious organizations, even your friends spend a lot of money and time to advertise you to change your thoughts about them, their products or ideologies because they know that thoughts lead to behavior. They want to change your behavior.

Verifications are a way to deal with this without noise with the thoughts you choose yourself. It's a kind of own ad campaign for you.

"Sören Kierkegaard

My experience of confirmation began shortly after I received a much more serious submission when I was 25. My doctors told me I should have died. My electrons crashed and I was diagnosed with Addison Diseases.

I was afraid, depressed, unemployed and forced to start over. I started using confirmation as a way to improve my mental attitude, but soon realized that they could help me improve skills my trust, or just about what area of ​​my life I was committed to improving.

I was not sitting in front of the mirror Stuart Smalley good person. So I began to write a confirmation letter confirming almost every area of ​​life I wrote and recorded statements about health, finance, mental relationships, personal growth, self-esteem, career and much more. I played the tapes at night when I went to sleep.

Soon I began to see my life move on and change positively. I came to the conclusion that negative thoughts I had depression were included in my inner self-esteem with positive words from confirmation. The more I listened to the confirmation, the more they became embedded in my thinking processes and became the standing answers to negativity.

"Everything we are is the result of what we have thought. What we think is all."

~ Buddha

Confirmations, along with several other methods like meditation, made all the difference in my life. 18 years later I'm blessed with a successful career, business and great family life. Confirmations helped take me down and down to dreams that come true.

"No problem can withstand an attack on persistent thinking."

~ Voltaire

So you see when I speak of confirmation and their power to change life that I'm not talking about theory, but from personal experience.

Last year, it seemed right to start sharing what I've done in these years with others. There was an incentive to find the confirmation. My goal is to create an easy, no hassle way to improve the lives of others.

The website recently held one year's birthday and I'm happy to say that people on four continents now benefit from their own personal advertising campaigns. They take back their thoughts, change their lives and regain lost hope.

As the beginning of the first year for the website, I urged many people to begin to recognize the benefits of quick and simple audio information that can be played anywhere. I'm proud of the trip I've been to and look forward to promoting the travels of many other people.

My passion is still to let more and more know that they already have the resources needed to deal with life problems and to be seen before.

Be inspired!


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