Why not all confirmation

There are valid reasons why some confirmations do not work. First, it's important that your confirmation is the one that suits you the most. This simply means that the statements are positive things that you are very fond of. It's important that you think about what you really want rather than "imagination."

If your affirmations are based on fear, you will be frustrated by their findings. For example, when you say, "I'm no longer bad," you really confirm your fear or do not like to live in shortage. Confirm instead, "I'm good at everything I do." Deep inside, you'll find that the correct authentication will give you an uplifting feeling. Try to say these two opposing statements and you can find it for yourself.

When the confirmation is a positive statement that supports your goal, you are creating a favorable vibration around you. Like attractions like. Remember, whatever you emphasize is what you get. Your thoughts create your reality.

Positive emotion is the right fuel for positive thoughts. Negative feelings only come with what you do not want. It's important to check your thoughts because, when you're out of your way and have problems, you can not change the changes you want. It's very challenging to think about abundance when you're experiencing a lack. Do not feel bad about this situation as your current circumstances are the result of your false beliefs in the past. When you feel negative thoughts, your fear or fool gives you more power. Instead of responding to negative thoughts like how you want a little child who has made a mistake: you would smile him and show him how to do it right. Similarly, when you know negative thinking, put positive thinking next to it. For example, instead of saying "I'm a broke", say: "I have a lot of money."

Discredit your confirmation in modern times, not in the future, because if you put it in the future, it's like waiting for it to happen. Consider, "I'll be well" and "I'm well"; You can clearly see who's more effective verification.

Keep your confirmations short, special and with attractive features to ensure even flow in subconscious mind. If you are working to develop higher quality, focus on "coming from the heart" rather than "gaining energy."

Focus on doing what you love for your livelihood and not only for the money. When you want to measure abundance, look like how much it is fulfilling your purpose and happiness no matter how much money you have. Think about past performance instead of failing.

When you work to change your thinking patterns, you will discover that this will be a process to understand you better. Changing your thinking pattern adds the path to the transformation you want.

"I change the world by transforming myself."


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