Word of Confirmation and Power of Confirmation

The word of confirmation is so common, important and powerful, yet subtle, so subtle that we do not even see that it is the headlamp in our minds and in the experience of life. Word of Confirmation has conditioned us in such a way that most people have not even spoken in their adulthood.

For example, we have been conditioned from school, through things like math, to create problems for ourselves and again. With all the different equations we had to find solving all the problems that solve mathematical teachers have given their students and still giving them today … we have been conditioned to create problems for ourselves. This can change for good if we need to find solutions where our attention and focus are directed to solutions, but unfortunately with mental overwhelming mental activity and lack of concentration, we focus more on the problems and create more problems for ourselves.

But at the subconscious level, we have seen the words "Problem Solving" so much in our youth that we have stiffened our minds to seek out and notice problems just to solve the fact that the economy is right, which can put us in a state to clearing our talent in this field. But most of the schools, at the same time flooding students with problems to solve, have numerous intellectual obligations, tasks, exams, exams, essays, and many other things that keep an eye on a constant, involuntary multinational condition.

This makes it better for the children to realize and increase their talents and strengths and interests because they are spiritually tired of all the demands of the problem. Whenever things seem to be right, the mentality is conditioned to find out a problem that is hidden and the world reacts and puts us in a situation to deal with what we interpret as a problem to solve.

Emphasis was placed on concentration, meditation, mental exercise and imagination. More attention was given to solving problems and measuring apart and segregation and calculation of responses and implementation of solutions. This can be effective if it is used correctly, but we fail to come up with carefully thought-out thinking, thinking, and infinite possibilities.

This same mind has hurt the mind of most adults and the word job is a new school to solve problems by using some kind of "work". We have forgotten unconditional love and connected our families to computers to survive in these difficult financial problems that solve society.

The love has been demolished by families to survive that at unconscious level we have created and organized our brains to seek trouble to solve without us, even the knowledge that makes the concept of enhancing and cleansing our skills in tactics and master challenges of subconsciousness and automated indirect ways to succeed using concentration and pure powerful thinking.

We've been in trouble and when we get out of bed, we go on holiday with family to express love and life. Our spirit guide knows that love needs to continue to live the perfect thinking of our lives, rather than our mind allows it or not. This is what creates an imbalance in our brain because our purpose in mind is different from our purpose in heart.

We have been programmed to survive, and as parents, we sometimes see our children as an incentive to survive that works for a while, but you naturally need to love, love and love first. Find the creator's way first and your needs will be found. But we've been liberated from adolescents, some hard words of confirmation in our DNA unconsciously, which indirectly become our automatic behavior and thought ideas.

Love and life have come to fruition. What a tiring way to live life. Oh, we have to stop working, pay bills and hold a roof over our heads, food on the table and clothes on the back and then when we have time we will pay attention to each other.

I'm explaining the high maintenance family that is conditioned to work, work and work to live and find time to play between some ways. They are typical examples that we need to create problems over and over again to deal with when our minds can not consciously manage all the problems we have created with constant exposure to the hard words of confirmation.

The people who study these problems in trouble will be our leaders in government, education, media and general. They set the tone and strengthen the system that creates home chaos and limitations because all problems are based on limitation, disassembly, sign and division and we have identified ourselves and who we think we have our ability to solve problems.

This is why the entrepreneurial world is so big because there are so many problems and entrepreneurs are no more than the one who solves problems and addresses people's needs for profit. Helping need has become the purpose of life because the parasite is in the mind of poverties, but Christ's consciousness is the key to filling this gap. There are many needs in this world because harmful, with a mind, has kept our knowledge of how to create an abundance instead of the limitations.

From the early early school system, paint the image of education they wanted us to see so that we will live the life of the business cycle to end up. They know that time is limited, which is a problem for us if that's what you need to rely on to survive. They have spiritually prepared us to be in rats with special problems we had no part in creating. We are at the bottom of the food chain that works out as part of the equation that the successor has put in place and made a business.

This may seem by accident or removed by a lot of people, but I assure you that if you look deeper, you will see the undersigned words of confirmation that have been linked to intellectual communication as well as
what we believe and that which we demonstrate in our current reality.

Very poor people in the world have overlooked this limited thought and see that there are no limitations today. They see what most people perceive as problems that challenges they have learned to achieve by grace. They have transplanted in memory plan a new word of confirmation. Verifications are so effective in our lives rather than we confirm abundance or limitation. Whatever you organize your brain to tell you, is what it will produce.

Most people realize that words of confirmation work in a unconscious level in a very large way. Our unconscious thoughts produce measurable changes in our physiology, but most are not aware of unconscious thinking in their heads. If you're worried about the future in your back and you can not consciously remember exactly what is worried about at the moment, you confirm some sort of word that has been planted in your subconscious mind.

We have been conditioned by time to handle the current moments as a problem or obstacle that has to be over. Somehow we've stuck in "Oh, no other problem" mode. The idea of ​​no problem but only challenges and solutions start to make the brain work differently but this different feeling is unknown. The knowledge is so seductive because we can communicate with what the problem is like.

Peace Cactus

We have not connected our brain to experience paradise reflections with perfect peace and only love for parasites in our minds that keep the past alive. Every time we think there is no problem, the body and mind will find a future problem. Christ tried to teach us another way of living when he attended his followers that they should live like nature. He said to look at lilies and birds. See how they grow without stress or work. You can live like this too.

The only way we can live like this is with the thoughts we choose to emphasize at the moment. To live like the lilies, your thoughts must be natural and clear like the growth of lily. We must allow life to be free with the attitude of peace and the brain, no matter what the current circumstances. This action creates a response to peace in the future.

Karma for natural flowers is natural beauty because its action and its response is natural without the need and the root of love. It only takes plenty of solar energy and water and roots grow and create beauty on the outside with the creators of love. The only thing that prevents us from living our lives as peacefully as Lilly and the bird is a fear of humans. We have lost control of solving problems that solve problems.

We must take control of our subconscious ministry and change our attention to enough words of confirmation. We have been to school in most of our early years, so much more than likely you have to unlearn something that you have taught. What words of confirmation you have planted in your spiritual garden become the same words that grow in the physical world as a manifestation of things and reality and now it's time to tear up roots and plant new seeds.

Then new seeds of abundance will become deep roots and passive so that it can be automated. Peace and love will be another character and all other needs are added because of the compassion now.

Confirmation of Word Affects Life in Many Different Areas

· Verification of Healing
· Confirmation of Abundance
· Confirmation of Riches
· Self-Confirmation
· Positive Confirmation of Confirmation
· Confirmation of Happiness
· Confirmation of Money
· Confirmation of Relationship
· Bands

Pluck Negative Words of Confirmation Unforgettable Through

· Verification of Issues
Verification of Accidents
· Confirmation of Disease
· Verification of Wrath
· Confirmation of the Fight
· Confirmation of survival
· Verification of fear
· Confirmation of the victim

These words of confirmation come in a variety of ways – from what we read, what we see on television and the news, what we learned at school, what we exp attitude at work, what we hear on the radio, what we perceive from others, what we see in hospitals, what we experience through drama and unscathed factors, what we hear in the church and that as we learn from the living conditions we live.

Our consciousness is like a compass, and it guides our subconscious mind with the words of affirmations that we hold in our minds and do more real than anything else. Words are thoughts externalized and as one thinks in his heart, so is he. This explains why we become what we have provided indirectly. Our Spirit Guide needs to plant new confirmation, but it must first make unconscious negative confirmation so we can recognize it and be in a position to choose another way of continually confirming our experience.

We constantly appreciate through the words confirmations we have stored in our stores with confirmation. If we have confirmed to go to school, get a good grade and graduate and go to university then we work for 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week for 40 years and retire, so make sure you get it.

Bill Gates linked to his brain is another set of confirmation but a large number of people. He stepped out of the norm and created Microsoft word confirming and this stepping out of the norm gave him a life that differs from the usual confirmation of deficiency. The few who followed him received new spiritual institutions, as they believed enough in the confirmation of abundance in computer programs.
What words have you emphasized in your mind? Have you verified a problem or have you proven abundance? Have you focused more attention on accounts and confrontations or have you focused on wealth and peace? Where is your awareness?

How are you indirectly informed about responding to challenges in your life? Have you prepared yourself mentally to respond to money as it is enough or have you prepared your response to being short and not enough? If you look closely at how you feel and somehow you respond to money, you will see that your world and money experience comes to you in exact proportion of your corresponding internal position.


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