Word of Confirmation

Confirmation or Simple Confirmation is a fundamental self-management tool that you simply activate by choosing the right thoughts and words. These are messages that can be repeated to you every day to help you take care of yourself. You can also make a confirmation that you send to others to let them know that you care about them.

The best way to practice your word with confirmation is to tell them at least three times a day outside. If you can do it more often, say every hour or even ten minutes, it would be even better. When you repeat them repeatedly, you close down negative thoughts. Frequent repetition also helps to reduce anxiety, distress, guilt and fear. Perhaps the most important time you use the confirmation of the moment when you notice that your mind is still more fun, some negative thoughts. Remember to say your confirmation is similar to workout: it should be in regular form.

Instructions for creating words with confirmation

* Make sure that each confirmation is short and simple.

* Only use the present. For example, "I'm a strong man" instead of "I'll be a strong man."

* Expressed confirmation in a positive way. There are certain words that create feelings of negativity and shame. They are often considered a junk food for the mind. Some of the most common words that are prevented are: that, never, can not, impossible, not, will not, should always, only cancellation, not enough and naming. Computer-like your brain puts in a negative rumor of words as confirmation as dissatisfaction. So, phrase your confirmation as "I'm a good person" rather than "I'm not a bad man."

* When creating your confirmation, be clear and accurate as you wish. "Today, I feel great driving four miles," rather than "Today, I feel great to drive."

* Continue to say confirmation for yourself, repeat it when you feel comfortable and as long as you feel like doing it.

* Continue repeating your confirmation to yourself. You can also start working as if your confirmation words are true, even if you can not believe them at first. These are not gimmicks or selfish unless you (negative) consider them as such.

Any positive action to drive a confirmation will do, even if the operation is different or unacceptable, or feels fun and uncomfortable at the outset. Just dig in and have faith in the process. As you continue to practice the word of confirmation, your faith will strengthen.


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